Britney Spears Is Underrated

Contributed Anonymously:

What is the big deal about Britney’s voice? I mean, how necessary is all of this negative speculation about an entertainer’s vocals whose main ambition is admittedly to “put on a big show?”

Britney Spears’ singing is no more of a disappointment than that of Janet Jackson, Madonna, Mya, Aaliyah or many of the other superstar divas whose vocals are set at par and are no more than suitably adequate for the type of show they want to put on.

While extraordinary vocal talent is impressive (think: Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey), a loud mouth is not the only element involved in, or needed for, the making of good music.

What would the world be like if all we got to hear was the note-stretching, “show-off-ish” styled music of Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson? Their sound is great, but this planet needs to hear a ‘Toxic’ or ‘Ray of Light’ every now and then. Some would argue songs like the two mentioned are not only good ear candy fix, but are absolute necessary in order to keep us sane from all of the multi-octave wailing others would have us relentlessly subjected to.

The main issue here though is Britney, and her singing. To be fair, she has ample vocal talent for the realm in which she works. She’s got it tough because people find it irresistible to put her up against vocal boxing champ Christina Aguilera. Her singing gets underrated because she can’t belt it out power ballad style like her top rival- not because she can’t actually hold a note, or even run with one.

I guess I’m just begging everyone to keep artists’, most namely Britney’s, talents in perspective. You can’t expect Britney to be able to complete a “Lady Marmalade-esque” riff fest like Christina, and you cannot expect Christina to be able to deliver sweet little whimsical melodies or turn back flips like Britney.

Actually, this essay started about Britney, but uhm…let’s just give ’em both a break and props for their varying degrees of talent in varying categories. Thanks.

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