Britney Spears & J.Lo Rep Response To Cher Diss

A rep for and responded to a report that Cher referred to both as hoes during a concert in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday night. “For someone who has had their fair share of bad press, it is surprising she would comment on two women she hardly knows,” the rep told The New York Post.

‘Don’t Ask’ About Pregnancy

February 22, 2005 – When ‘Wetten… Dass?’ host Thomas Gottschalk was about to question Jennifer if she was pregnant, the 35-year-old singer put up her hands saying “don’t ask”. Marc Anthony’s wife did promise the German host that he would be among the first to know if there was anything to the pregnancy rumor. “I had a bit of a cold. But I wanted to be here [on the show] because I know how important it is, and because of you [Gottschalk],” Lopez said.

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4 thoughts on “Britney Spears & J.Lo Rep Response To Cher Diss

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I don’t buy this, they don’t have the same reps. Also, Cher’s been saying the same joke for the whole 3 years she’s been on tour, why wouldn’t someone have said something before?

  2. hotstuff says:

    I’d like to say “Oh it’s just a joke, calm down” but I’d pretty pissed if someone kept going around and was calling me a ho. Seriously, I’d be pissed, Cher doesn’t even know Britney or J.Lo and for her to say that about them. It’s like, k you know what, say that sh*t to my face instead bitch. And for all you on this site who say “Oh yeah Britney and J.Lo ARE ho’s” it’s all good because they’re still making money than all you SORRY Ass

  3. fandango says:

    Not sure why Cher referred to those 2 as hoes – maybe because neither can actually sing so well, they are media hos (Britney more than JLo), or she could be talking about the multiple marriages. I just find it funny that JLo is at at LEAST 10 years older than Britney, and her body is in way better shape. Britney is losing her looks and bod quickly.

  4. Cabati says:

    No, it’s pretty true… If someone runs around blatantly selling sex like Britney does, it’s pretty safe to make that judgement call without knowing her. Think about it, how many times have you been at a club or party and there are girls wearing next to nothing, rubbing up on each other or making out in a desperate attempt for attention? Who DOESN’T look at those girls and think “hmmm…HOES!”.

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