Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Get Back Together

Star magazine reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake has rekindled his relationship with Britney Spears. The two were spotted getting into a chauffeur-driven black Suv at around midnight in Manhattan’s trendy NoHo district before dashing into Britney’s New York apartment. A source says, “They walked into Britney’s building hand in hand. And once the were inside the lobby, they started making out and sucked face all the way to the elevators. They had their arms wrapped around each other. You’d never know that they’d ever broken up. Justin left alone three hours later, looking rumpled and happy. You do the math. Brit was thrilled about what happened. Her night with Justin was hot. But she’s keeping the details very close to her heart.” Another source says the two may continue dating others. “Justin is not yet convinced that they’re back together for good,” the insider squealed. “He wants to take things very, very slow this time. As much as they love each other, they may see other people while they’re dating. They’re just gonna have fun getting to know each other all over again.”

This Week’s Billboard Update

January 8, 2003 – Contributed by dragonzNpiano: This weeks album sales were weak according to Billboard, but Eminem still managed to top this weeks countdown. ‘8 Mile’ survived a 62% drop to sales of 119,000 copies. Grammy nominee Norah Jones lands at #2 taking 46% drop with 118,000 copies. Avril Lavigne continues to show tenacity as ‘Let Go’ weathered a 57% dip to sales of 113,000 copies to hold on at #3. Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’ endured a 54% sales hit to 95,000 copies and the album jumps from #8 to #5 this week. Jennifer Lopez’s ‘This Is Me… Then’ suffered a 59% slide selling 94,800 copies, which falls to #6. Justin Timberlake takes a 61% dip selling a merely 86,000 copies of ‘Justified’ which bows at #7. Aaliyah rounds out the top 10 selling 80,000 units of ‘I Care 4 U’.

Justin Timberlake Parties At Lot 61

January 8, 2003 – The New York Daily News reports Justin partied with pals at Lot 61 on Monday night. The singer was surrounded by bodyguards, while he and the boys drained a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. Outside, a spy revealed, Timberlake saluted paparazzi with his middle finger.

‘Cry Me A River’ Saga Just Another Marketing Ploy

January 8, 2003 – Contributed by prettyboyreno: “The *NSYNCer’s controversial new video might rip into his famous ex-girlfriend, but it’s a good business move for them both,” writes Bella Online’s teen gossip & news columnist. In a column entitled ‘Don’t Cry for Britney & Justin,’ Mehra writes that the whole debate over the ‘Cry Me a River’ video is just another record company ploy: “In the song, Timberlake croons about infidelity and loss, and the lyrics, coupled with the Britney look-alike, have been interpreted as everything from gut-wrenching to just plain mean… But what has not been quite so publicly noted is the fact that this video – just like everything else in the Britney-Justin saga – is actually yet another brilliant move in their well-executed careers.”

Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Star Search Clips In Preview

January 7, 2003 – The CBS Early Show was hyping the network’s new ‘Star Search’ series and played clips of Britney and Justin, including former host Ed McMahon asking Spears if she had a boyfriend. Britney said no, and explained that it was because, “They’re mean.” Read more.

Extra TV On Hand At Grammy Nominations

January 7, 2003 – Extra TV was on hand at this morning’s Grammy nominations and spoke with Nelly and Avril Lavigne. They ran down the acts up for awards, and at the end, said that nominees Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake may have an early reunion, because Spears is on the cover of this week’s Us Weekly talking about why she’ll always love Justin, and her reaction to similar comments by him.

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