Britney Spears Keeps ‘Edgy’ Suicide (?) Scene

The New York Post reports kept the controversial suicide scene in her new video for ‘Everytime’ in an effort to be “edgy”. An insider sneered, “The sad thing is, her label Jive is bragging about it because they think it is so edgy.” Earlier reports suggested the scene would be reworked and despite the Post’s claims, there wasn’t anything to suggest suicide unless they mistook the Kabbalah string for a slit wrist. The blood apparently came from behind her head, though there was no moment she was struck behind the head in the video (paparazzi hit her forehead — and she was facing forward during the Stephen Dorff vase throwing), and no blood was visible as she walked into the bathroom. Not to mention there wasn’t near enough blood loss to cause her to pass out. Spears says the video is about reincarnation.

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