Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Have Their First Fight

Star magazine is profiling the “first fight” between and her new lover Kevin Federline while they are together in Europe on her Onyx Hotel tour. After partying at Cafe Ketchup in Copenhagen, a source said “Britney was all over Kevin, kissing and cuddling him,” but later in the evening at the Pan Gay Club, Britney started getting tanked on vodka and whiskey. After demanding more and more booze, the bartender refused her service because his station closed. An employee at the bar revealed: “By five in the morning, Kevin wanted to go home, and it looked like he and Britney had an argument about it. She disappeared into the bathroom – as she had done numerous times during the night – and when she came back she took off hand-in-hand with one of her dancers, without letting Kevin know, and left him behind.” Federline looked outside for Spears, but ended up having to get a taxi back to their hotel. The next night, the couple sat stoney-faced in the back of a limo to Britney’s gig in the city.

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