Britney Spears’ Latest: Sex Bomb

Joan Anderman of the Boston Globe reviewed Britney Spears’ new album ‘In The Zone’. She writes, “The devil might argue that ‘In the Zone’ is Spears’ most revealing album so far: a techno-drenched, trance-laced tribute to growing up. But her delivery — a stock catalog of clenched groans and pinched chirps — is, as ever, so profoundly vacant it’s impossible to believe that freedom makes her feel anything but numb. For all the steamy beats and juicy come-ons, that’s how it makes us feel, too.” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Latest: Sex Bomb

  1. tazzsgirl says:

    This guy just bitch slapped that CD but wait lets here the fans excuses

  2. music_vibe says:

    Eh, I don’t care. It’s still a good CD to me. There’s no lyrical meaning for sh** that’s for sure, it won’t win anything or get praises for lyrical content, but I like it. It’s got nice dance tracks which is good, because all I’ve been listening to lately are songs about “personal experience”, “deep stuff” “blah blah blah blah blah”. I need something upbeat and this does it for me. What I don’t get is why do 50 year olds review pop albums? Not just Britney’s but every pop album/hip-hop/r&b and whatever type of music that’s “in” right now. You know that the majority of them will trash it because that’s not the type of music those critics grew up to, and that’s what most of them are expecting, their type of music.

  3. JMAX says:

    I like it. Screw them! I have read dozens of great reviews, why are the crappy ones being posted?

  4. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Another BAD review. LMAO What’s up with these reviewers they know Britney is talent less and her past ‘albums’ were really disappointments, why need to review her crap? Britney’s next album = automatically crap

  5. Xandrew88 says:

    LOL! Are the Christina fans upset because Britney’s album is out? I went to Walmart and I was SO lucky to get the last copy. They said it was the 3rd time they re-stocked for the album. Ouch.

  6. QueenLambFlops says:

    I got mine at Walmart too and there were tons of people with her CD!

  7. rangergirl says:

    Just her CD? Buy all her crap!Keep BJS rolling in the dough & around so I can laugh.

  8. hotstuff says:

    So what if its not talking about her life story or going all deep and personal. Madonna’s Ray of Light won 3/4 Grammys in 98 and she won Best Song from a soundtrack in 99 for Beautiful Stranger and do you think they had meaning? its all in good fun, to get you dancing, I’d compare dance type, vibey music as like their own hakuna matata..aka no worries!

  9. hellahooked says:

    All that matters if that the fans, like me, like the album and I def. do.. I am proud of Britney!

  10. xtinarox says:

    Did you know that Britney’s albums getting sold are decreasing.. as for other artists too.

  11. nomorebrit says:

    Next month there going to be giving away the album to get rid of them all. The albums top sales are going to be this week as predicted.

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