Britney Spears Maneuvers Around Justin Timberlake

Us Weekly reports Britney Spears asked to be kept at a distance from her former *NSYNC boyfriend Justin Timberlake at the Video Music Awards last week. An insider says Britney asked the network “to have their seats far from each other.” And as we previously reported, Spears left her seat shortly before Timberlake’s performance “because she didn’t want MTV to show her on the camera during his performance,” according ot the same insider. Later, a spy backstage says that while Britney Spears wished Justin’s current gal pal Jenna Dewan “good luck”, she “gave her a dirty, bitchy look.”

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears Maneuvers Around Justin Timberlake

  1. sweetcheeks says:

    Ha Ha…more bull.

    She left her seat to watch Justin from backstage…but it is true that she didn’t want the cameras to see her reaction.

    Was Jenna even dancing with him? I’ve watched it quite a few times and I still haven’t seen her…

    But U.S. Weekly is saying this, so it HAS to be true.

  2. britfan says:

    What’s do they expect her to do? Give Jenna a big hug and smile and said good luck dancing tonight with might ex-boyfriend, while I’m still try to get over him. The US magazine is so stupid. I don’t blame her the way she handle it.

  3. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    Britney is just jealous. I don’t know if that was Jenna or not……it might have been. Britney is a jerk herself, so u would do something like that. But that’s bogus, you don’t leave when someone is performing. That’s just rude. Britney is a huge jerk.

  4. Smile says:

    How immature are you? You would have gotten your butt out of there too if Justin was your ex-boyfriend. Don’t be stupid. Britney is trying to move on, and it would have been hard on her emotionally to watch Justin dance with his new *rumored* girlfriend.

  5. britfan says:

    How old are you? That’s so immature with the name calling. You know why she leave, because she doesn’t want take a spotlight from Justin. If she stay the media and tabloid will cover about how she react to his performance more, and not care about a thing how he did with his performance.

  6. kiki says:

    What I believe is that this is a bunch of non-sense. Yes I agree with the people who just don’t give a damn about this foolishness. But there are just somethings that piss me off about Justin’s testosterone and Britney’s dog persona.

    Sadly, to say but I think that Justin should really think about what he is doing, because it is not doing anybody good. Al this running around and playing the fool is not working for any of you. And as for Britney, I agree she’s a real pain in the a** and cold headed *****. She’s been going around that oh……. I don’t make any insults and I am a very nice person and so forth she had no right to get up in the audience in the middle of the performance, sure you can’t stand to see your ex getting busy with some one else but you have to learn to get over it somehow. Also I am very ashamed of her. She going to give her a nasty look to some one she’s not even close with. That down right disgusting.

    But all the crap. Is a bunch of Bull.

    I am not saying that it is true or maybe it could. It would be rumor…..yes… But think about even if it was true, try being in their shoes for one second, and you did something so stupid and you know you shouldn’t do this.

    No I know that you can’t change the past and no one is perfect, but you are going to turn around and say that paparazzi is stalking you and you are making a fool of yourself that paparazzi’s fault. yes they are stalking and yes it is against the privacy. But all the blame is on you..l yourself and you should deal with this yourself.

    Now I am not a Britney Spears Hater but what I am saying is should really be over this by now and enjoy yourself while you’re single. And as for Justin, he can do better than that.

  7. Bookie says:

    Justin and Britney IS old news. But her leaving her seat to not watch his performance, I think, brought more attention. Why get up and leave? If she had stayed, I think people would have been like, oh, she’s over him now. Getting up symbolizes that she still has him in her system. Anyway, leave them both alone. They are human too. Who cares if they are stars? They have feelings just like the rest of us.

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