Britney Spears Most Overrated Singer, Claims Kelly Osbourne

When asked if she loathed Britney Spears after claiming the singer was probably the most overrated singer in the industry, Kelly Osbourne told an online chat at, “No, not at all. She’s actually a really nice person. I just feel sorry for her because no one ever leaves her alone and I think she makes poor decisions.”

Kelly Osbourne Slams Skinny Famous Friends

Kelly Osbourne has slammed her famous friends for being skinny. She says her pals are risking their life just to look good. “They look beautiful in photographs but when you see them in person they look hungry and miserable,” Kelly told Teen Vogue. “I hate to name names, so I’m not going to, but there’s one in particular I often worry about. I saw her last summer and thought, ‘You’re so beautiful’ then I ran into her last winter and she literally looked near death. I was like, ‘You are 18. What are you doing?”

Kelly Osbourne Returns To Rehab As New Album Looks To Bomb

According to Us Weekly, Kelly Osbourne checked into Las Encinas hospital, a drug treatment center in Pasadena, California on Thursday (June 2). “She’s going to be in for a couple of weeks,” a source close to the singer revealed. “She’s slipped into some of her old problems and is not doing so well. Everyone is supporting her.” The singer’s ‘Sleeping in the Nothing’ album is set for release on Tuesday (June 7), but is only has a sales rank of 3,116 in’s music category.

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