Britney Spears ‘My Prerogative’ Reviewed

Reviewer: Eddy Rodriguez

As soon as I heard about remaking Bobby Brown’s #1 hit My Prerogative, I downloaded the decade+ old hit too see what I was in store for. The song immediatly became one of my most played song on my iPod and computer and Britney was going to have to pull all stops to outperform this song.

Then a few weeks later and my anticipation mounting I was treated to a few clips and a finally the full song. I feel that it left me wanting more and was just a publicity song to get people to buy Greatest Hits.

The intro begins interesting enough with the Asian feel of the drums and Britney begining what I believe is what she wants her prerogative to be. It jumps into the first verse which I feel is very mono-emotion filled. With the heat the song is packing, Britney does not sound to be feeling this sond and doesn’t seem to care much. Her voice is drowned in the age of pop vocal technology. This is where Britney finally gets it right, the hook. Britney’s strong suits HAVE always been her hooks. This is where she makes the sale always. In the hook you can hear her anger and the songs shifts from being a boring complaint of people bothering her and becomes a full fledge remake. Aagain, the Asian feel of the hits it right, but then Britney again goe sinto a boring verse, albeit a short one and back into the a hook that sounds EXACTLY the same as the first one. The bridge half way though the song is good and then goes into a a louder, bassy version of the hook and into the one where Britney whispers behind the hook, which makes it more fun.

Overall the song is good but when compared to the original it leaves you wanting more.

Compared to the original, C- On it own, C+

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