Britney Spears Needs A Break

Contributed by RPL10991345678:

I don’t get what’s up with nowadays. In the past she wanted to prove to the world that she’s a grown up Britney, but now she seems to want to make herself look like some victim that’s being controlled by everybody and everything. I love Britney and all, I think she’s down to earth and very cool, but she needs to wise up and take a break! If she’s so tired by the media, and so tired of working hard and taking the effort to get her butt on stage and actually dance and sing, then why won’t she take a break!

Nobody has stopped her from getting married or kissing Madonna, or anything that she has done. She needs to stop and seriously take a break right now. A real break. And she needs to stop acting like she’s a victim. Nobody is stopping her from doing anything; I don’t understand why she has to act as if the whole world is pointing bullets at her. C’mon Britney, be with your hubby, make babies, and stay away from the spotlight, learn to be aware of your image, because whether you like it or not, you can’t live a normal life just like everybody else. But remember, you are still a person, just be more cautious because paparazzi will be stalking you.

And Britney, learn how to look appropriate when you are out too. I don’t mean that you have to dress up all fancy, just look appropriate so Britney haters on here won’t be poking fun at you. And Britney, please, just take a break and relax. If you don’t care what people think, than show it, because it appears as if you do care because u always mention how society wont let u do this and how society wont let u do that. Um Brit, that means you actually care. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t worry about it.

So please Britney, take a break, make babies, and be happy, and come back with a new album, and please, make it be about the real Brit, show your voice a little, and just do something new. I love you Britney, and so do your fans, BYE!


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