Britney Spears – Never Should Have Been!

Ok folks, here’s the raw truth about Britney Spears, no exaggerations, no cover ups. She is a dumb, sweet girl who got into show by some lucky mistake, and by lucky I mean the girl hit a jackpot; she can’t sing, she can’t act, and definitely can’t think straight (judging by her latest work produced). She should have never even been considered for a recording contract, much less be called a singer, simply for the fact that she CANNOT SING!!! (whispers, moans, and enhanced technology are not singing). I don’t care how good of a dancer she is, or how nice her Wonderbra looks, music industry should be about music only. When I buy a CD I want to hear good voice, and music, if you can’t sing you shouldn’t be a “recording artist”. If she likes “performing”, she could have been a stripper, cabaret dancer, anything, but to call her a singer when she can’t carry a tune is just ridiculous. Her lip-synching is an embarrassment to the music industry, and her live “singing” is an embarrassment to the human race. I believe that she got into show business by accident. She should have never got a recording deal, because there are millions of talented people in this world who deserved it more than she did.

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One thought on “Britney Spears – Never Should Have Been!

  1. Gorkem says:

    She’s the biggest selling female of the decade and a great performer.. U idiot, watch her performances and listen to her hits.. She’s amazing and totally rocks!!! Having a good voice does not mean shouting, Britney has a good voice which is great for pop songs.. She was born to be a pop queen.. Her moves,mimics,dances etc. are all great.. I think dumbs like you should have never been in this planet!

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