Britney Spears’ New Song Sucks

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One word describes how I feel about and her record label: disappointed. If ‘Me Against The Music’ is going to be the first single, Britney might as well forget about debuting at number one. That single is horrible it sounds like I’ve heard it before. Radio stations are not gonna play this! I can’t even imagine hearing this song on the radio. The way she sings it sucks! I think people won’t buy her new album because they are going to think that it all sounds like her first single and I mean she has incredible new songs like ‘Touch of My Hand’ that song is great and different! That should have been the first single or even that R. Kelly song that sounds like it would get tons of buzz! Jive Records should just stick this song on the album without it being a single. I’m not as excited as I was when ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ was released because I knew it was the Neptunes producing it and it would be hot! ‘Me Against The Music’ is a huge mistake!

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ New Song Sucks

  1. HoneyRain says:

    no offense to Britney.. but I totally agree.. that songs SUCKS ASS!! when I listened to it for the first time I thought.. okay.. it just has to grow on me.. but I’ve listened to it several times now and I still think it’s total crap.. I’m sure her album will be different and interesting.. but I don’t think this song should be used to introduce it.. however.. I disagree about people not buying the album.. people will definitely buy the album.. but probably not as many as her other albums.. the same thing happened with Christina when she “grew up”.. now that Britney is “dirrtier”.. she’s getting her share of the backlash and bashing

  2. Daz76 says:

    I wasn’t really impressed by her new song and performance at the NFL Kickoff game. The song sounds weird and it sucks if that’s her new single…Poor Britney!

  3. hotstuff says:

    Surprising that non-fans hate the song lol… NOT. no sh** Sherlock that you guys were gonna bash it. it was pretty obvious you guys were gonna hate it either way, I don’t really have high expectations for the close-minded so you guys totally proved my point.

  4. HoneyRain says:

    I know there’s gonna be a lot of p!ssed Britney fans but that’s just too bad.. that song sucks like Monica Lewinsky.. I don’t know what Britney and her producers were thinking when they came up with that sorry sh**.. they must have been smoking (no pun intended) :)

  5. HoneyRain says:

    Don’t act so surprised.. the same thing happens to Christina and every other artist whose fans have created some stupid rivalry.. I’d like it very much if people voiced legitimate opinions instead of blindly and hatefully bashing just for the sake of being mean.. BUT.. it ain’t gonna happen.. Britney fans are closed minded when it comes to Christina

  6. Jeff_tNET says:

    I like it! its not my favorite, but its still good. the album version with Madonna is supposed to be a lot better.

  7. Catra7000 says:

    At first, I thought the beats were weird and different.. but they are definitely danceable. the song has to grow on you LIKE EVERY SONG USUALLY DOES. after the NFL showing of her new song “Me Against the Music” on TV, the audio was released on the internet for a day before Jive took it off. well, I downloaded it and listened to it over and over that day. and it just has a great sound unheard of before it! it’s funky and groovy and eastern inspired. I can’t believe people wouldn’t like this song, especially Britney fans. this is exactly where her music is moving. I think it’s great. you guys just haven’t heard it long enough to appreciate it.

  8. hotstuff says:

    Dude, there was a Christina appreciation thread on to show some appreciation for her because nobody gave 2 sh*ts about her ‘kiss’ at the Vma’s and the fact that she performed with Madge. what does that tell you now? the fact that almost in every Britney article the first one to post is a HATER like yourself this thread being an example. and I can name a few psychos here who are close-minded when it comes to Britney. yeah Britney fans hate, but compared to some of the psychotic Christina fans, they make us look sane.

  9. grace_04 says:

    Is “Me Against The Music” released in radio stations already? Because I haven’t heard it yet. I’m not expecting it to be a great song because none of Britney’s songs are good at all. I’m just curious how the song would sound like.

  10. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Since when did Britney have a song that didn’t suck? Just like her poor fans. Cheap, uneducated, ignorant and smelly rats… MU HA HA HA HA HA!

  11. HoneyRain says:

    FIRST OF ALL.. ol’ delusional one.. it would help if BRITNEY FANS wouldn’t submit news bashing her.. lmao.. secondly.. I am not a hater because I have no problem with Britney.. yes I do think this particular song sucks and that’s my opinion.. I didn’t call her any names or insult her talent.. I only do that when PSYCHO Britney fans (among others) fill CHRISTINA threads with hateful comments.. stop acting like Britney fans are so wonderful to Christina.. I’m talking about the Britney fans on THIS SITE.. not somewhere else. look at yourself before you go calling someone else a hater.. besides.. we’re ALL haters.. and we’re ALL hypocrites. if you don’t like all this negative feedback Britney has been getting.. you just better get used to it because that’s the price you pay when you get DIRRTY.

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