Britney Spears’ New Special: From Cheese To Sleaze

Jacqueline Cutler of previewed Britney Spears’ Showtime special ‘ Live From Miami’ airing Sunday (March 28). No doubt because Spears didn’t make herself available to interviews, the preview turned into a less than kind editorial. Cutler writes, “Usually, when a major star does a show for television, that star grants interviews to promote it. Spears had agreed to an interview, but canceled without explanation. She later agreed to release the transcript of an interview with Showtime. Her managers then changed their minds. Finally, her people offered to have Spears answer 10 questions, but only via e-mail. Even if this is how life works on Planet Britney, it isn’t for Earth’s journalists — she blew it again by not responding. Spears, of course, does not owe journalists anything, but it is curious when someone who seeks the spotlight with such fervor runs from it.” Read more.

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