Britney Spears Nipple Shot Viewed As A Fake

J-Unit of weighed in on the photo of that appeared in The Sun showing what appeared to be the singer exposing a nipple during a concert. He wrote, “I am sure you are going to hear many long-winded claims about the veracity of the Britney nipple shot. Mark my vote in the fake picture column. Looks fine at first glance, but under close inspection, there is some obvious Photoshop work being done. The person who is the source of this picture took a known photo of Britney and altered it, adding a large portion of the left boob to make it look natural. At about 300% (3X) magnification, you can see a large portion above the areola that was obviously blurred using the smudge tool. Magnify a little more, and you can see large portions of the left boob that have been sponged or smudged to try and blend the coloring of the shot together. The big give away here is that this really changed a lot of the shadows of her hair and some locks seemingly stop nowhere. My professional opinion is that this is about 90% a fake picture.” If true, it would be the second time in a week that a Rupert Murdoch owned paper published a journalistically embarrassing photo, following last week’s John Kerry picking Dick Gephardt as his runningmate photo in the New York Post.

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