Britney Spears Offers Advice On Break-Ups

Sky News reports has agreed to offer tips to the heartbroken in M magazine. Spears urged girls to go solo if they start to think they have nothing in common with their boyfriend. “It’s a really hard thing to cut that off sometimes. But I think it’s worth it, too,” Spears said. “I think you should go ahead and take the risk and take a chance and put yourself out there because it’s an amazing feeling.” Read more.

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears Offers Advice On Break-Ups

  1. outrageous4u says:

    That’s why Britney’s all that because she is still down to earth and sweet plus, her and her dancer are just friends, I’m sure they would be so open if it was an affair-they know she gets photographed all the time.

  2. elgato says:

    This is a reference to Justin. She’s talking about how when she realized he turned gay, they had nothing in common anymore. And she wanted out. That’s why she went with Wade, someone who’s not gay.

  3. justincaseyestwo says:

    Let’s see – she’s 21 and had 1 or 2 breakups. Um, Britney you know NOTHING ABOUT NOTHING!

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    RIGHT!! That’s why when camera’s aren’t on her, she’s a real bitch!! I mean, seriously…..she’s not nice! I’ve heard more bad stories than good! And, in the pics of them together, yeah, they look totally guilty! They’re TRYING to hide it, but aren’t doing good. His wife confirmed something going on you ding-a-ling!

    REAL DEEP!! Britney, stick to taking your clothes off……you know NOTHING about real life!

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    I am sure Britney is a nice girl that’s down to earth and sweet, but what you see, read, and hear from Brit herself is not always going to be the real thing. Most celebrities, and people in general, are always gonna portray a positive attitude towards themselves to make people believe that they truly are. There are a good and bad side to everyone. Unless you know her personally, I am neither wrong or right, but anyways, whether she has an affair with the guy or not it’s her business and we will never know the complete story.

  6. hotstuff says:

    ^^the girl gets the most crap out of almost any other celebrity out there, gets bashed by her own peers, has seen her parents marriage dissolve, had a VERY high profile breakup and this all went down in just 1 year but she didn’t crack. and on top of that the paparazzi was dogging her as.s Britney could teach you a thing or to about real life because if that isn’t real life to you, you are gonna get up eaten and spit back out in the REAL WORLD.

  7. breez says:

    God, Britney, shut your mouth. Your relationships didn’t work because you have the emotional capacity and depth of a 10 year old.

  8. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    ^^^ Britney doesn’t know crap about real life. Aside from her parents divorce, she faces problems that she brings on herself by staying in the limelight. If things are so hard on her, she could always retire. I saw ‘The Fabulous Life of Britney Spears’ on VH1 and I promise you she’s already set for life. She also doesn’t know about real life because no matter what problems she faces, she has this rich, cushy life to fall back on. I’d like to see her deal with stuff without millions of dollars and PR people following her around cleaning up her messes.

  9. ballersfantasy says:

    That’s sweet of Brit. I think it would be interesting for young girls to get advice from her. After all, they do look up to her.

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