Britney Spears On VH1’s Behind The Music

Contributed by Jerseline:

According to TV Guide, in the new issue which starts Saturday September 20th, has a report about returning TV shows. Among them is everyone’s favorite VH1 documentary, ‘Behind The Music’ will return with all new episodes on November 9th. The first among them, will be a profile about none other than , to coincide with the tentative release date of her new album. set your calendars, man who knows what she’ll say, and what people will say about her!

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears On VH1’s Behind The Music

  1. Diablo27 says:

    Behind The Music? That’s never a good sign. As much as I love some of Brit’s music. Behind The Music has to be one of the worst shows to go on career wise.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    That’s cool I guess…i usually think of ‘Behind the Music’ mainly being a series that documents artists that have been here longer and done more inventive things, I guess not… Anyways, I know fans will enjoy it, even though I am not a fan, enjoy everybody.

  3. Jerseline says:

    you know how these shows are. They are filled with lots of highs and lows, and drama. do you people know how many potshots have been taken at this girl since she started her career? I think only Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, and New Kids On The Block have taken as many, if not not more, negative criticism as poor Britney. she just is a little southern girl who likes to sing and dance, and gets a job doing it, and in turn, is turned into one of the most high profile stars in history. she has a lot of story to tell, for a career that has only been going a few years, and is still going on. And if they get others in her circle to talk about her, who knows what they’ll say! Justin? the possibilities are endless. I’ll tune in, for what maybe the most interesting Behind The Music in a long ass time. I think all people, fans or not, so they can understand, should watch. do you know how many people felt bad after watching Hammer’s and Milli Vanilli’s episodes? everyone I knew was talking about that, so image that happening, for a star as big as her

  4. perfectly-imperfect says:

    I can’t wait. And how is this ‘not a good sign’? Did you read it the article? “The first among them, will be a profile about none other than Britney Spears, to coincide with the tentative release date of her new album.” She’s not going anywhere. :)

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I wish Britney would take the career path of Minni Vanillli. Getting busted for lip-synching, getting disqualified from an award show and the high light… committing suicide. *sings “girl you know it’s true” while looking at Britney’s pictures*

  6. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    So…Will this be any different than the other shows she’s been on? Before they were rock stars, news casts, etc? …No, it’ll be the same ‘growing up south, lost on star search, now a big star’ with the divorce, her little sister, and a big more drama I mean it’s all the damn same!

  7. Britney_rocks says:

    How is this eww??? if you don’t like it don’t post don’t read. you obviously wanna know stuff about the one and only Britney spears. you are sucked in by her because you seem to post on every single topic. and that goes for every single hater not just you.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah pretty much…I think they are doing this Behind the Music for Britney as a favor for her since her new album is coming out…another advertisement gig for people to feel that her album is worth more buying now because of her life story and her love life and crap. Pretty much in every bio show about Britney its the exact same thing…of course now I bet they are gonna add the Madonna kiss and the Justin breakup to bring up more attention about her personal life…we all have had a glimpse into her life, and in my opinion, it’s not as bad compared to celebrity’s who really got it bad with worse complications. I think Britney has one of the best lives at its best…i wish they wouldn’t have to make it into such a big drama because compared to other celebrity’s who have been through rape, child abuse, drug abuse, divorce, etc., Britney has been blessed with the most beautiful life that she should feel the most grateful for.

    he just said that he doesn’t like the idea that they are having a Behind the Music special on Britney…it is too soon…usually Behind the Music has documentaries about people who have been in the music biz longer than 10 years or so and had a real dramatazing life story to talk. I know Britney, the little southern girl, has been through a lot since she’s come in, but compared to other artists who have been through rape, child abuse, drug abuse, divorce, etc. most of their careers, she doesn’t seem to have too much drama in her life to make it into a big drama story. Yeah I know the Justin thing was a big deal, and now the kiss, but it’s not like somebody got murdered out of it to…i am not trying to hate or anything, but this Behind the Music is probably not gonna be any different then VH1 Driven, its still gonna tell the same story about her life, and pretty much it’s just another advertisement stunt for people to buy her album…if she really wanted people to know about her life…she would have done it whether or not an album was coming out.

    Uh you forgot Vanilla Ice, M.C. Hammer, TLC, and No Doubt also had a Behind the Music….you call them LEGENDS? lol, maybe icons of the moment, but not legends. Behind the Music is not that hard to get into…if you are a popular artist, or were a popular artist, pretty much you will be on it…it’s not like it’s something as close to the Grammy’s, lol. Anyways, good for Britney.

  9. Hell6 says:

    This sound great!!!! Britney indeed have the quality to be on the show. I mean, she took America by storm back in 1998 with her debut single “…Baby One More Time”, which smashed into the American Billboard charts & reached # 1. Her debut album of the same title, released a few weeks later, made it’s debut at # 1, making her the first ever female artist to have a simultaneous Billboard # 1 single and album with a debut release. Since then Britney has remained the world’s most popular female artist, with multi-platinum follow-ups, “Oops!… I Did It Again”, “Britney” and most recently, her current 4th album “In The Zone” to be released in November 18th 2003. All of her albums have debuted at número 1. Have 6 Rolling Stone magazine covers. She had won 35 trophies since 1999, including the Best New Artist at the AMA’s. Britney ROCKS!!! That’s why she’s on “Behind The Music”.

  10. jimmypee says:

    BTMs are usually done when the artist is on their way down big time. seems Britney’s just using it as promotion, as no doubt her people have ensured its going to be a kiss ass show and nothing like what you would normally expect from a BTM

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