Britney Spears: One Of The Pioneers Of Pop Music

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It amazes me how many idiotic people out there think that Christina Aguilera will outlast Britney Spears. That is totally IMPOSSIBLE, since Britney Spears is already noted as one of Pop music’s greatest icons along with Madonna and Michael Jackson. Whilst Madonna paved the way for women in pop music and became a global icon, many respected musicologists recognize the fact that Britney Spears single handily brought back teen pop onto the music map. I mean, even Jessica Simpson admitted that it was because her record label wanted a next Britney she was signed with her record label. Now, do you here about people trying to be the next Christina? Nope. I mean, people are even asking,”who is going to be the next Britney Spears?” Lindsay? Hillary? Ashlee? My point is, Britney paved he way for teen pop, whilst Christina and Co. only followed. For 8 years Britney has managed to hold the public’s interest. I mean, she has over 16 million fan sites dedicated to her. Britney Spears was the one who introduced a certain term, before Britney this term was never used, it is: Pop PrincessMore than any other single artist, Britney Spears was the driving force behind the return of teen pop in the late ’90s.
~ A quote taken from the well respected British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian.

So how on earth do you delusional fools think that Britney, who made pop music popular again would be forgotten, whilst Christina, who is still seen as poor mans Britney Spears around the world and has contributed nothing to pop music, would be remembered? Just because of her voice? Garbage.

More than any other female artist, Britney Spears has been compared to Madonna. I mean, she has been noted as being the most likely person to be the next Madonna. And by that they do not mean copying Madonna’s image change *cough* Christina Aguilera * cough*. Just because Christina changes her looks like she changes her underwear that does not all of a sudden make her the next Madonna, career wise, Britney IS the next Madonna, as Erin Geiger who is a noted writer says:

We’ve all heard how Madonna seems to have fallen into the mentor shoes for Britney Spears. Close friends they seem to have become, indeed, as witnessed by their infamous kiss at the 2003 MTV Music Video Awards, Britney’s study of Kabbalah (the mystical Jewish religious teachings Madonna subscribes to), and the fact that Britney may lend her voice to one of the characters in the film version of Madonna’s book The English Roses. Since Britney has been said to be “the next Madonna,” how does she stack up against the original?

Business woman:

Britney: In 2004, Britney launched a perfume named “Curious.” She currently uses her business sense to help run The Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts. She’s also dipped her toe in the producing arena and has acted as an executive producer for such features as ABC Family’s Brave New Girl.

Madonna: Madonna is an empire unto herself, so it would take pages and pages to go over the various business moves in her long-standing career. Recently, though, Madonna has become a well-known children’s book author. Her writing career started with the book The English Roses, which was followed by Mr. Peabody’s Apples. Madonna has now become more explorative, culturally speaking, with the releases of Yakov & the Seven Thieves and The Adventures of Abdi.

Now can the same be said for Christina? No. Britney has done many things. TV, Fragrance, Movies (according to, Crossroads grossed over $100 million, if you still have doubts, check here, and then cry yourself to sleep:

And not only that, Britney has astronomical album sales. At a time were it is very rare for an artist to sell 5 million copies of an album, despite selling over 75 million albums, Britney manages to sell a further 6.4 million of her Greatest hits album without even lifting a finger to promote it.

Look at her success compared to her peers:
Artists whose TOTAL albums sales are exceeding 30 Millions:

The Beatles: 274 Millions
Elvis Presley: 157 Millions
Michael Jackson: 150 Millions
Celine Dion: 145 Millions
Mariah Carey: 144 Millions
Madonna: 141 Millions
Phil Collins: 125 Millions
U2: 122 Millions
Led Zeppelin: 122 Millions
Pink Floyd: 119 Millions
Genesis: 106 Millions
Whitney Houston: 105 Millions
Barbra Streisand: 102 Millions
Rolling Stones: 101 Millions
Elton John: 101 Millions
Bruce Springsteen: 96 Millions
Neil Diamond: 94 Millions
Aerosmith: 92 Millions
Billy Joel: 89 Millions
AC/DC: 87 Millions
Bon Jovi: 86 Millions
Queen: 86 Millions
Eagles: 85 Millions
ABBA: 83 Millions
Fleetwood Mac: 82 Millions
Garth Brooks: 80 Millions
Eric Clapton: 78 Millions
Britney Spears: 75 Millions
Metallica: 75 Millions
Shania Twain: 75 Millions
Dire Straits: 74 Millions
Rod Stewart: 71 Millions
Backstreet Boys: 70 Millions
Santana: 70 Millions
Bee Gees: 68 Millions
Prince: 66 Millions
Def Leppard: 65 Millions
Eminem: 65 Millions
Gun’s N Roses: 64 Millions
Van Halen: 61 Millions
Simon and Garfunkel: 60 Millions
Bryan Adams: 59 Millions
Chicago: 58 Millions
Julio Iglesias: 56 Millions
Kenny Rogers: 55 Millions
Bob Dylan: 54 Millions
Frank Sinatra: 53 Millions
Police: 53 Millions
Nirvana: 52 Millions
Lionel Richie: 51 Millions
Stevie Wonder: 51 Millions
REM: 50 Millions
George Strait: 49 Millions
Kenny G: 48 Millions
Enya: 48 Millions
Gloria Estefan: 48 Millions
Paul Mc Cartney: 47 Millions
Willie Nelson: 46 Millions
Janet Jackson: 46 Millions
Duran Duran: 45 Millions
John Denver: 45 Millions
George Michael: 45 Millions
Red Hot Chili Peppers: 44 Millions
Alanis Morrissette: 44 Millions
Bob Seger: 43 Millions
N’Sync: 42 Millions
Michael Bolton: 42 Millions
Meat Loaf: 41 Millions
James Last: 41 Millions
Spice Girls: 40 Millions
Simply Red: 40 Millions
Sade: 39 Millions
Bob Marley: 39 Millions
Rush: 39 Millions
Journey: 39 Millions
Foreigners: 38 Millions
New Kids On The Block: 38 Millions
Boyz II Men: 37 Millions
Alabama: 37 Millions
Sting: 37 Millions
Andrea Boccelli: 36 Millions
Alan Jackson: 36 Millions
Tina Turner: 36 Millions
The Doors: 35 Millions
Linda Ronstadt: 35 Millions
Richard Clayderman: 35 Millions
Reba Mc Entire: 34 Millions
James Taylor: 34 Millions
Diana Ross: 33 Millions
Jennifer Lopez: 33 Millions
Jackson V: 32 Millions
Roxette: 32 Millions
2Pac: 32 Millions
Cher: 32 Millions
Norah Jones: 31 Millions
Peter Gabriel: 31 Millions
Christina Aguilera: 31 Million
Nana Mouskouri: 30 Millions
Cranberries: 30 Millions
Robbie Williams: 30 Millions
Ricky Martin: 30 Millions

source: Lycos

Look who is near the bottom of the pile.

Notice how Britney is the highest one up there from her generation? Oh, and please do not give me these,” Sales do not matter,” arguments because if you are a pop star they sure as hell do. Live with it.

Some may argue that Britney has released 5 albums and Christina has only 2. Well, those sales figures also count non studio albums. Christina has 3 of those. Her Spanish album (what a fake Latina), her Christmas album and Lets Be Free (or whatever she called it, it only sold a pathetic 500k in the USA anyway…), so that is Britney’s 5 albums vs Christina’s 5 albums, and as you can see, Britney is the clear winner.

Plus, if you think that Britney is all of a sudden going to stop selling records and that Christina Aguilera will outsell Britney in the long run then I have two words for you. WAKE UP! Stop dreaming, it will never happen.
Britney and Madonna both paved the way for many artists out there, INCLUDING Christina Aguilera.

At least whiles Britney and Madonna experimented with other styles of music, they still stuck to their pop routes. Christina, Like the true poser she is, is trying to sell herself as a soul artist. Please.

In the 80’s many people dismissed Madonna as a one hit wonder and all thought Cindy Lauper was going to have a longer and more successful career and that Cindy Lauper was more talented. REMINDS YOU OF ANYTHING?

A poll on MSNBC a poll of over 35,000 people voted Britney as the next Madonna. Guess who came trailing in at second place? The girl who will always play second fiddle to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera:

So Christina fans, I know you are insecure about the truth, but the truth is Britney will be remembered whilst Christina is only a disposable pop singer who makes mediocre music. Britney has pop legends such as Baby One More Time, Oops I did it Again and most recently Toxic, songs which captivated the critics and the public, songs which have always made it to polls such as VH1’s Best UK #1 singles ever, where Baby One More Time and Toxic made it to the top 15. Not one of Christina’s songs made it into the list. The list was voted for by the public.

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2 thoughts on “Britney Spears: One Of The Pioneers Of Pop Music

  1. goper says:

    I think that is Christina is a good singer only but in fact Britney Spears is good singer & the best performer & hotter than Christina & oh my god Britney is the best singer at all she is perfect as a pop singer

  2. PL says:

    I have to disagree with you Goper, Britney sucks she’s just a crazy woman.

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