Britney Spears’ Only Outstanding Talent

The so called “Princess of Pop” is set to release new material this year & it is but appropriate to set things straight about the controversial Mrs. Britney Spears Federline. Many people say that Britney Spears has no talent at all (like ‘zero’ talent-hello?) & that anybody put in her situation will achieve the same popularity (e.g. Britney’s an overnight makeover). I’m sad to say but these people have “shallow” minds indeed. Mind you all… Britney has talent-couldn’t she dance or perform?-but that isn’t the quality that sets her apart.

I know for a fact that Britney Spears’ evident talents aren’t special nor are they unique. For the record she isn’t a good singer like Christina or Whitney, or the best dancer like Janet or Michael & she isn’t even among the greatest performers like Elvis or Madonna. In fact in the talent arena Britney is pretty much “average”.

So why do I bother talking about her anyway? Hasn’t everything about Britney been talked about already…like her raunchy images, controversial career decisions, whirlwind marriages etc.? The only valid reason that one will probably talk about something is if there’s an “overlooked” angle in the story. I’ll discuss what exactly has been “overlooked” by a lot of people who still doesn’t get why Britney shouldn’t be written of…just yet.

This talent is actually a rare ‘quality’ that drives those people who have it to great & enduring success. This quality has been tested by such artists like U2 & Madonna-both of which have one of the most enduring careers. This is also one of the parameters I consider when determining an artists’ career productivity & longevity. Fortunately to Brit fans, Mrs. ‘Spears’ has it.

What exactly is this quality?-it’s plain old “Perseverance”. In Britney’s case…a lot of it. Didn’t you know that as a young child (with a relatively poor family), Britney once walked more than 4 kilometers just to attend a performing arts school in Kentwood. This quality (perseverance) alone dispels the argument that anyone (apparently beautiful enough & as charming as Britney) would “make it” if put in the same situation. In the first place, no beauty would have even got into that position without the crucial drive that I mentioned-Good old perseverance! One may say that Britney attributes “all” her success to the people around her…that’s partly true but without the initial ‘fighting spirit’ she had in ‘breaking trough’ that elusive barrier, do you even think that those same production people will be around her today?

Britney Spears might already have reached the peak of her career with her debut album and single ‘Baby One More Time’ but she certainly isn’t going down the drain. It doesn’t mean that if you haven’t surpassed your most previous success you’re immediately a flop. Despite a sales drop of her most recent releases Britney has still turned over ‘quite’ impressive numbers. All 4 of her studio albums & her ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation have surpassed 6 million sales (a feat) & her singles have performed very well worldwide. However, this success didn’t entirely depend on her ‘good’ record company. Most of these impressive results came from Britney’s ‘hard-work’ & ‘dedication’-yes she is a workaholic!

I haven’t forgotten about the usual ‘carefree’ Britney exposed by the media…A hagard, hair-messed-up Britney sometimes walking barefoot with her husband or some silly image of her doing ‘phoney’ things. Britney’s antics are actually a ‘laughable’ matter sometimes but this doesn’t mean that she’s “this” all the time! Do you think she could have released so much bankable material within a few years alone-by just ‘goofing’ around? I mean she has the whole ensemble!-a clothing line, perfume line, video game, merchandises, albums, etc. Oh, I forgot, she also has a charity foundation, ‘crazy’ husband, a son and family to look after…You don’t get your hands fuller than that.

Britney, Christina, Madonna, Beyoncé, Usher, Alicia, Enya, Greenday, Coldplay & others will continue to have a relatively good run because they have ‘perseverance’ & passion in their artistry. Well Stevie Wonder & the Rolling Stones haven’t lasted this long because of talent, lest their ‘faithful’ following -they lasted because of a continued ‘perseverance’ & devotion to music and their performances. The ‘forward attitude’ that drives an artist to ‘deliver’ is the prime factor that actually earns his/her credibility & therefore the quality that earns a lot of followers/supporters.

For example: Does everyone think that Madonna had success mainly because of her “image”-sexy & provocative at the time? I think…Yes-she was ‘initially’ successful because of that. On the other hand do you think her career could have lasted more than 20 years relying only on that alone? The answer is ‘No’. Like Britney, Madonna had an urge to prove herself to the world & by choice she had the ‘perseverance’ to vindicate this urge.

Madonna once said “I want to conquer the world”-and she did. Now I see that Britney has the same drive in her as exemplified in a past interview (while she was doing the ‘Me Against The Music’ video with Madonna). She says: “There is only one Madonna — and there will always ‘only’ be one. My goal is to have a career that is equally as special, but one that is completely unique to who I am”. I believe that’s proof enough Britney’s willing to prove herself to the world & effectively be in the business for the long run. I am looking forward to hear her next album-to see this growth as an artist & performer.

Let’s face it…Britney & successful artists like her today have ‘literally’ tasted the ‘Dirt’! They lived in the ‘Dumps’ & probably might have been in far worse situations than we ‘humble’ fans/supporters are in today. One thing is for sure (no matter what lame excuses we may think of)…those “rags-to-riches” stars deserve where they are today & unless we acknowledge their example (of course putting aside their flaws) we would have nothing much left in our minds but ‘hate’ & ‘jealous criticisms’ to bode upon.

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