Britney Spears Orders Photoshop Thinning

The Daily Star reports pleaded with promoters to touch up promotional photos for her world tour — complaining she looked too fat.

The singer’s personal trainer Bobby Strom said, “I’ve told her to cut out barbecue sauces and gravies, and eat more protein — especially on tour. She also needs complex carbs such as brown rice, veggies and wholegrain breads.”

And a source added that Britney admitted, “I look like a blimp, so do something about it. I need to look perfect — better than perfect.”

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Orders Photoshop Thinning

  1. STARCROSSED says:

    Doesn’t every celeb get touched up tho? I mean, I went 2 the Britney concert, and she didn’t look as GREAT as I expected, but I knew she wouldn’t because she’s human and all those pics are smoke and mirrors.

  2. popmaster167 says:

    she has actually been putting on quite a bit of weight, she’s getting better though.

  3. xxbabyxgirlxx says:

    I hate the way society makes women feel they have to be rail thin. Britney looks perfectly fine…it’s not her hang up, it’s all the freakin gossip mongers in the world who call her fat if she moves from a size 4 to a size 6.

  4. urbaniz3d says:

    IF THIS IS TRUE….’, ‘Ahh…this is just the attitude young girls in America should admire…pfft! & people wonder why girls have eating disorders? because of this kind of garbage. what the hell…this would make sense if she was fat. sure she put on a few pounds, but no one is perfect. especially not Britney. maybe if she didn’t drink so much & laid off the cigs she’d lose some pounds.

  5. STARCROSSED says:

    She’s supposed to be perfection tho, she’s in the public eye and the whole illusion on being a celeb is having an unattainable look, other people can’t look like her so they look up to her and strive to be like one of their idols, its sad since people are never happy with themselves, but I think they are to blame themselves if they let a ideal become their personal goal….not everyone is ever going to be the “ideal”

  6. xxbabyxgirlxx says:

    She’s not supposed to be perfection…that’s a demoralizing view of things…’, ‘She’s not supposed to be an idol…she’s supposed to be a human being with flaws. None of us are supposed to “idolize” someone in that way. Look at Kelly Clarkson…she’s not rail thin. I think she looks so amazing because she’s REAL. Jive’s always put too much pressure on Britney with her weight. They can’t decide if they want her to gain or lose and it’s not healthy for her.

  7. STARCROSSED says:

    she is supposed 2 be an idol, she is, people do idolize her. And people will always put perfection on a pedestal, since now there’s plastic surgery makeup clothes there’s never going to be an ending to strive to be better. Personally I hope Britney stays the way she is now, she looks good and healthy and normal, not like a human grey hound.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Yes, it’s standard….that’s why DEMANDING it is such a shallow thing….’, ‘Britney is only where she is cause of her looks, and her looks are only “good” because of make up and airbrushing…… This shows the world that she is fully aware of it.

  9. urbaniz3d says:

    You are full of excuses. If she was half as amazing as you make her out to be, she’d’, ‘have enough confidence to know she looks fine. Her weight has never been an issue. And do you work for Jive? Oh wait, no, so unless you show me where they told her that, I wouldn’t toss random pieces of false info into the discussion. If she quit the cigs she’d have a half decent voice instead of the terrible one that she has now.

  10. cwaaft says:

    I just saw her in concert a week ago and I was close to the stage and she looks fantastic. She’s just as thin as her dancers. She’s got muscle on her from dancing. Last year you could see rolls of flab on Christina’s stomach and spilling over her hips. You don’t see that with Britney.

  11. xxbabyxgirlxx says:

    Actually, I DID work for Jive, for your information. I quit 6 months ago.’, ‘If you go back a couple of years in her career, there were NUMEROUS articles discussing the labels demands on what she should weigh. You can look it up if you feel so obliged. I have nothing to prove to you since you don’t want to believe me. And earlier you blamed the cigs for her weight…now it’s her voice? Choose one.

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