Britney Spears Over? Think Again

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Many people have been proclaiming the end of Britney Spears’ career for a very long time, using the sales of her Greatest Hits album, the ticket sales for the Onyx Hotel Tour and her reign as the ‘Tabloid Queen’ to back their arguments. Well, if you look at something called facts, you would know that this wasn’t true. First of all, since when was a greatest hits album an indication of someone’s popularity? She has million’s of fans in the USA, many of them did not buy the album due to the simple fact that THEY ALREADY OWN ALL HER OTHER ALBUMS. But if you continue to use the Greatest Hits album sales as an argument to show she is fading, then I would love to see the look on your face when her next studio album comes out and sells more than her greatest hits album.

A lot people have been comparing her Greatest Hits album to sales of Madonna and other artists who released greatest hits albums in the 90’s. Well, first of all, Madonna’s Greatest Hits album The Immaculate Collection, which sold 22 million copies world wide, was released in the 90’s, and we all know how different the sales are nowadays. If you are going to compare the sales of a Greatest Hits album, why don’t compare the sales of the Greatest Hits albums released at the same time as Britney’s world wide? In the US Shania might have outsold Britney, but world wide its a different story, she is also outselling her rival Kylie Minogue.

Why don’t you look at In The Zone, which has sold 3 million in the USA and 7.5 million world wide? That was one of the biggest selling albums in the world in 2004. Oh, but I guess your still going to be telling yourself that that is a failure. Compare this to the Diary of Alicia Keys, sure she sold 3.2 million in the USA, but world wide she sold 5.9 million copies. So Oops….there goes your theory…..

Oh, and I love how you people conveniently fail to take into account that Greatest Hits: My Prerogative made UK chart history in the UK? And has sold over 700k?

Second of all, since when was the Onyx Hotel Tour a failure? It may not have been a critical success, but a financial failure? Excuse me but didn’t she break a record with that tour? Highest seller of merchandise for a female artist? The average ticket sales for the tour was 96%. With ONE leg her tour grossed $34 million. This is in contrast to her other rival, whose WHOLE tour grossed $32 million and her average ticket sales were 92%, and she needed Justin to help her.

Now as for her being on the front cover of the tabloids. Do you realize that the only reason she makes the front cover is because, whether you like to admit it or not, the public are still interested in her? If not then why is she one of, if not, the most searched person on many internet web sites such as, etc.?

Oh, and if Britney is a has-been then explain why she still has selling power, because not only is it her album that is selling, but even her fragrance Curious, which went #1 in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and just recently South America?:

Pop Princess Gets Curious

Oops! She did it again! Grammy Award Winner is joining the ranks of divas creating their own fragrance and cosmetics lines. The pop star’s new fragrance by Elizabeth Arden, Curious, is a blend of Louisiana magnolia and vanilla-in-fused musk. The azure, multifaceted glass bottle with pink heart-shaped charms hit US department stores back in and it was just released in South America a week ago selling over $935,000 in its first week.

Britney’s fragrance joins other celebrity-created scents, including two by Jennifer Lopez, in partnership with Coty Inc., called Glow by J Lo and Still. Coty also has teamed up with and actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for fragrances. And pop singer and reality TV star Jessica Simpson recently launched Dessert Beauty, a line with definite sex appeal with its flavored and edible scents, creams and glosses, even though sadly none of them did as well as expected down there.

While many female celebrities are breaking into the perfume business, few male celebrities have created their own colognes, instead choosing to endorse fragrances, such as NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, who debuted on the packaging of Halston Z-14 by Elizabeth Arden last winter.

This is just another Number One for the Pop Princess who according to critics will be having the best selling perfume of the year.

Many artists take breaks. Britney Spears may not be selling 20 million anymore, but her last studio album on the GLOBAL end of year Charts was one of the top 5 biggest selling albums for that year, and #8 in the USA. Britney will still be churning out the hit singles, selling her millions, because she is an established pop icon, something Christina has yet to achieve.

Oh, and one last thing, just look at the effect Britney has by just WEARING an outfit:

Mr. Britney Spears’ Suit Swells Sweatsedo Sales – The Federline Effect

Distribution Source : Market Wire

Date : Thursday – March 10, 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA — (Market Wire – Mar 10, 2005) — Kevin Spears, the artist formerly unknown as Kevin Federline, may just be the trendsetter for 2005. Mr. And Mrs. Spears have been married for months, but their wedding day choices have made one company quite happy. Sweatsedo (, the leisure division of Ozio Lifestyles, has seen its customized velour sweatsuit sales shoot through the roof since Britney’s wedding photos hit newsstands.

Sweatsedo has announced that they have sold every last Pure White suit in stock. Rich Kunkel, co-founder, is amazed: “It’s unbelievable. As soon as this guy chose to outfit all his groomsmen in personalized velour sweatsuits, they just started flying off the shelves; we couldn’t keep them in stock. Now if he’d only wear his hat on straight, we could hire him as a model.”

Forged out of the mountains of Lake Tahoe, California, snowballing from après ski suits to outfitting teams, clubs and wedding parties, Sweatsedo has become the one stop shop for customized clothing on the Web. From the slopes to the aisle, Sweatsedo is here to make every event memorable, and more importantly, comfortable. Kunkel continues, “Providing high-quality, low-cost customized velour suits has been our passion for years. Giving your wedding party something they will actually use and enjoy instead of another engraved money clip or pewter mug. What a concept.”

Sweatsedo is taking an active role in promoting the leisure lifestyle and Vegas-bound bachelor parties are securely strapped on the bandwagon. “We get crazy pictures sent to us all the time from guys having a blast and looking fabulous in their Sweatsedos in Vegas; unfortunately, we want to appeal to everybody, so we can’t put the pictures on the site for fear of offending anyone,” says Sales Manager Brendan Pattison.

Although Pure White is no longer available, Sweatsedo still has a plethora of Rockstar Red, DooDoo Brown, Black, Navy, and for the truly fearless, the Pink Panther in stock and happily awaiting customization.

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