Britney Spears: Parents Should Trust Their Kids

The Associated Press reports that in a radio interview to be broadcast Monday on BBC radio, said parents should not be worried if their children want to copy her. “I probably have more older fans than the younger ones, but I think the reason why everyone talks about the younger fans so much is because the parents are concerned,” Spears said. “And in the end they shouldn’t be concerned because they should trust their kids and believe in their kids.”

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears: Parents Should Trust Their Kids

  1. faust says:

    Christina said the same thing in other interview, what a copycat!

  2. PrincessLambFlops says:

    Thank god we don’t have kids dressing and acting like Mariah! God could you imagine they would be failing at everything in life, wearing hoochie shorts to school, and whispering all the time instead of actually speaking.

  3. rangergirl says:

    It’s all about the body with this one. She can hardly sing on key and when she does it sounds like warbling. She can dance some that’s where maybe some talent lies and she just so happens to be cute and that sells product. She is not responsible for other peoples kids even if they happen to be fans BUT she should take responsibility for herself and her part in all this. Her words & actions contradict consistently. For example, she seems to be in denial about all the half naked photos she takes. She’ll be on a network show and say to Diane Sawyer that “The Kiss” was just part of a performance & she would never do that again eww” & on another show” that women kiss each other all the time -I don’t see anything wrong with it. What is wrong with this girl?

  4. tazzsgirl says:

    What older fans after they turn 12 they stop listening to crap.the only older ones who still listen to man-beast are the one who have a IQ a radish.yea parents should not be worried about their kids to copy her all parents want their kids to be a VD encrusted no talent whore. The real message is to the parents give money to your kids so they could buy my crappy music because if you don’t I am a inch closer in whoring my ass on the streets the girl is so untalented she lip-syncs in the shower

  5. JMAX says:

    I agree and disagree. I think it is the parents responsibility to raise their kids, but I don’t think the parents “shouldn’t be concerned” about what they’re doing.

  6. Cicero says:

    Well, I sort of agree and disagree with Britney. Yeah, parents need to trust their kids. But parents are parents, and need to keep their kids in check. Parents just can’t trust them all the time, because they’re growing up and are vulnerable, and need guidance.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    I too also agree and disagree. It’s fair to say that parents are the ones responsible for their kids, but it’s unfair to say that parents should just “trust their kids” without being actually concerned in what they’re doing. Britney is not a parent, so she can’t possibly understand how complicated it is for a parent to just “trust their kid” today in a world where kids and teenagers these days are just so vulnerable to do immoral things. I am sure that one day when she’s a parent she will have a different point of view of how celebrities, and really all forms of entertainment, can influence a child’s actions and how they see things that aren’t what they truly seem on screen or magazine.

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