Britney Spears Performing ‘Toxic’ On ‘Top Of The Pops’

Footage of performing her new single ‘Toxic’ on ‘Top of the Pops’, which aired Friday on BBC, has been posted online. Watch it via YouTube below.

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12 thoughts on “Britney Spears Performing ‘Toxic’ On ‘Top Of The Pops’

  1. nanda_lo says:

    Oh that’s so cool! I loved it! Toxic is just great!

  2. BLUEGEMINI7 says:


  3. popmaster167 says:

    I was in the studio audience on that live performance

  4. Jive says:

    How was she in person!?!?!??????

  5. nicksniki says:

    ooooh my gurl looks soooo damn sexi!!! Britney you’re so damn gorgeous!!!! amazing performance from what I saw!!!! can’t wait till ur concert!! LUV YA!!

  6. tazzsgirl says:

    Why does she bother having a microphone.Who does she think she’s fooling.

  7. babet says:

    what kind of gay choreography was that.

  8. jimmypee says:

    the same gay choreography she was doing 5 years ago. she’s still a little child, doing little children’s music, and little children’s performances. can’t sing live. can’t mature at all. pathetic.

    wow, another identikit lipsynching piece of crap. exactly the same as the last 1000 dances-to-music she’s done (they don’t count as performances….anyone can dance to some music, but that doesn’t mean theyre performing the music). so terribly lame. no wonder her tour has had constant embarassing bad reviews.

  9. SoFreshSoClean83 says:

    Britney: Louisiana’s lil’ pop singing, coke snorting, Hollywood whore.

  10. popmaster167 says:

    well, as you can see she’s more curvy than usual but yes she is vry sexy she even looked towards me at 1 point. YEA!!!!!!!!!! No. But after the performance her great big body guard wouldn’t let any1 wait 2 see her or get autographs off of her & all the BBC security were just telling every1 2 get out

  11. hellahooked says:

    Yes, they do count as performances. Performing is any kind of entertainment and what’, ‘Britney is doing, is entertainment.

    Cool performance but it’s exactly the same as every single Toxic performance.

  12. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    HOW DO YOU GUYS DO IT? WHY DO YOU GUYS DO IT? I DON’T GET IT!!! The only reason she’s allowed to go on stage and make such a mockery of music and artistry is cause you let her!! That was so obviously the CD that she was just dancing to. There wasn’t even a real band. ANY MONKEY COULD DO WHAT SHE DOES!!! WHAT do you think is so special about her? She says she’s living out her dreams….it was her dream to be deemed a joke? It was her dream to get on stage and show how absolutely unorigninal and talentless she is? No, sorry, my bad…it was her dream to fool people into believing she is worth anything and make millions doing it. She’s so obviously not into what she does and the only reason she does it is to make the money. Gimme someone who actually sings and gives a ***** about it! That’s what GROWN UPS look for in THEIR faves!

    You’re right….and strippers count too!!’, ‘But that doesn’t mean it’s a GOOD performance or worth money, time, and energy!! I don’t understand how you don’t feel cheated by her. I don’t get how you can continue to let her get away with this! AND I don’t get how she can fool you into thinking that what she does is good, artistic, original, and “for her fans”…. THIS is why we get a laugh out of her fans yo….because you’ve been duped and you are PROUD of it!

    Doesn’t that set off any bells for you?’, ‘”….but it’s exactly the same as every single Toxic performance.” DUH!!! It’s cause she can’t do anything original or creative (tasteful, tactful creative…not stripper, hooker creative) ANYONE could show up to a studio, put on a revealing costume, pop in a cd, and dance around (not REAL dance moves I might add) for the cameras!! You’ve been duped!! There should be places for people like you.

    no *****…with all the practice she gets, you’d think she could at least have’, ‘mastered that…but she hasn’t!! And it is even more disgustinly obvious now…. Probably because she doesn’t give a ***** about any of it and is only in it for the money.

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