Britney Spears Phones Into TRL Thursday

phoned in to Quddus on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday where she talked about the opening of her new restaurant Nyla tonight, her role in ‘Austin Powers Goldmember’, and to introduce her new video ‘Boys’ which debuted on TRL today. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: Listen y’all one of the biggest strs on the phone y’all
minds if we chat with Britney Spears for a minute


Quddus: What’s going on.

Britney: Hey.

Quddus: How are you?

Britney: Good and you?

Quddus: Girl you are one of busiest people on the planet.

Britney: A little busy, huh.

Quddus: The restaurant opening tonight.

Britney: I’m so, so excited

Quddus: I’m actually going to be there later tonight so I’ll see you.

Britney: Cool.

Quddus: You’ve got the film Austin Powers, right how was that work with
him on the flick

Britney: Honestly it was kinda hard because I was trying to be I whole
time and he was trying to make me laugh. He is really honest and down to
earth and a funny great guy, really sweet.

Quddus: We are about to spin the video the first time and also you got
Pharell from N.E.R.D. On that track.

Britney: Yes


Quddus: How did that collaboration come about? I know you worked on
the track “Slave” a while back.

Britney: — [Inaudible] I love the song and I was, ‘Why don’t do a remix
and get Pharell to go back to the studio and make it funky and stuff’ and
he was like ‘I’ma have this idea to change it up’ and I’m like, ‘Please,
go for it’ and he did, I don’t know I think it is cool.

Quddus: Yeah. Looks like you had fun shootin’ that, too.

Britney: Yeah, yeah a lot of fun.

Quddus: Cool. Since we are about to get into it do the honors and introduce
the video to these people.

Britney: Okay cool this is my new video “Boys” and I hope you guys like

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