Britney Spears Poem

Contributed by LK2:


With this woman there’s no need for a presentation
You can see it all without an Illustration
She has it all in an unbelievable formation
It’s a rare combination
A spreading infatuation
A beautiful creation
An addictive temptation
A healthy fascination

Makes you lose concentration
Is comforting and gives you relaxation
This is her world, her destination
Living it up is her Obligation
To her, each day is a celebration
She even made a donation
Created The Foundation
It’s a helpful organization
Helps underprivileged kids explore and use their imagination
Allows them to express themselves and gives their dreams acceleration
She also participated in the all star tribute music collaboration
Helped raise money to prevent aids and give you information
How to treat the people and stop the ending population
She served the association to prevent elimination
Showed she cared and wanted to help the world in desperation
She doesn’t live up to any expectation
Doesn’t care what’s said on television, in a magazine or on a radio station
Could care less about a silly statement or a fa.lse accusation
Doesn’t worry about what will happen to her reputation
She does her thing without any hesitation
Drops new albums that don’t need any explanation
No need for translation
The music speaks for itself, says it all so there’s no misinterpretation
Leaves you in anticipation
Shows what you can do with hard work and dedication
Where you can get with a little motivation
When it comes to her, there’s no need for exaggeration
She’s the badass of our generation
Someone who never needs a reservation
Can cause a scene in any location
Whether good or bad, The most watched person in our nation
Idolized and talked about in any occasion
Don’t matter what situation
To millions she’s salvation
An icon, a sensation
I just wanted to show my appreciation
Tell the world I love Britney and she’s my inspiration

By Loca

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