Britney Spears’ Pregnancy: Why The Negativity?

Contributed Anonymously:

I just wanted to express my thoughts about Britney Spears’ pregnancy, and how appalled I am to see how people have been reacting to it.

First of all, despite the fact that she’s young, that her and Kevin Federline have barely been married that long (it hasn’t even been a year yet has it?), and that they haven’t even seem to have started to build a stable marriage before starting a family, I am still happy for them. The arrival of a baby is supposed to be a special event, and I find it so appalling that many people on here are judging this unborn child and Britney as a mother-to-be before giving her (and the baby) the chance! Is there really a reason to be so negative about it?

Despite some flaws that we see in the marriage enough, we don’t really know who Britney and Kev really are together, or if they planned this baby or not. I mean really, how much do you guys know them? When was the last time you hung out with them? How much do any of us truly know who they are like without the tabloids and press making it up for us? Its one thing to make fun of Britney for her antics, or to make fun of how much Kevin is a scumbag, rat face, monkey butt, garbage breath, dead beat daddy, skanky man ho loser, but to make fun of her unborn child and calling it ugly before its even born yet, I mean seriously, throw me a freaking bone here…

It’s just plain wrong! And so unnecessary! Do you guys always make fun of unborn children when other people you don’t know are expecting their first child? I mean seriously, throw me another bone here…it’s just really really rude, and if I were Britney I would be crying my eyes out because you guys are acting so cruel! It’s just really unnecessary. Celebrity baby or not, when a baby comes into the world it should be acknowledged with open arms, regardless of the mom or dad.

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