Britney Spears Pregnant, Seeks Annulment Of Wild Sex Romp

is reportedly carrying the love child of a random fan she met backstage at a concert in L.A. last year. Satirical website The Spoof was able to get an exclusive interview with Britney before she was able to speak with either her attorneys or her publicist about her pregnancy. Check out a transcript of the discussion here.

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5 thoughts on “Britney Spears Pregnant, Seeks Annulment Of Wild Sex Romp

  1. faust says:

    Everybody’s making fun of her. Ha!

  2. xtina_rulz says:

    LOL everybody is getting right into Britney for this wedding thing. But even if this article wasn’t so obviously a joke you could still tell it was fake because there is no way Britney would be that honest. Sorry that should be there’s no way she would be allowed to be that honest.

  3. OohSexxy says:

    Dumbest thing I ever read.

  4. guest says:

    Ok, this is Sheer proof popdirt is just picking on Britney and is very anti-Britney. it’s so effing obvious that’s a joke site, yet pop dirt just needs any news Britney related to boost visitor hits

  5. StaceyJay says:

    Well if you’re here, it’s working. I’m guessing you’re the fool.

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