Britney Spears’ Prerogative: Making Money

Candace Murphy of the Oakland Tribune weighed in on and the singer’s constant appearance in the tabloid headlines — a move Murphy suspects is part of Spears’ master plan. “Why would Britney heed any advice, anyway? It’s all part of her master plan,” Murphy explained. “As great as the temptation is to shake your head and ‘tsk, tsk, tsk’ Britney’s shenanigans — ‘Oh dear, she’s drinking too much for a proper young lady, she’s kissing more girls than is proper for a young lady, she’s getting married too often for a proper young lady’ — she knows exactly what she’s doing. Britney is worth $32 million, and her future ventures (clothing, jewelry, shoes, even HOUSEWARES… possibly explaining her need to be a housewife) are estimated to earn her another $28 million. Each click of the shutter keeps her on the pages of all those magazines, keeps everyone interested and keeps the money rolling in. She brought it on herself because she wanted to.”

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