Britney Spears ‘Press Conference’ Story Presumed Fake

A story is making the rounds that is holding a press conference on Thursday, where her closest aides have no idea what she’s going to announce. The item quotes Sony executive Karen Phillips saying, “Britney hasn’t held a press conference in so long that we know it’s something big — pregnancy, a split, we’re not sure.” Common sense would suggest that a Sony exec would not go on the record to speculate gossip about the biggest client on their Jive label. It also seems unlikely that Spears would subject herself to a uncontrolled press conference and instead would simply issue a statement or visit an entertainment show such as ‘Entertainment Tonight’ or ‘Access Hollywood’, where softball questions would be expected. It is most likely that this story originated via an anonymous submission to a gossip blog and was later picked up by WENN and its affiliates.

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One thought on “Britney Spears ‘Press Conference’ Story Presumed Fake

  1. carly says:

    Britney Spears is caccooning herself sorta like Michael Jackson now because she’s mentally unfit. no improvised promo for her current tour, too afraid of real questions.

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