Britney Spears Refuses Autographs In Amsterdam

A poster on the forum has shared her rather negative experience in trying to get an autograph from during her time in Amsterdam last year (likely sometime around her October 25th show at Amsterdam Arena). Yvi writes, “Anyway, it was in Holland, and it was only me and 2 friends in front of the hotel. I had always thought she was a little spoiled kid, but I wanted to see it with my own eyes. And yes I did! Me and my friends had been waiting for her like 3 hours, but when she came out, she looked up to us, looked down again, and walked straight on! My friend, called her, but she didn’t even look. She walked straight on without saying a word. My friend was very disappointed, as she’s his idol. I on the other hand wasn’t disappointed, but pissed off! So I called her and said ‘Yo Britney, we’ve been waiting for you since a long time today, all we want is a picture and an autograph!’ So she told us she had no time, and then WENT SHOPPING! I was like, ‘WTF, NO TIME?’ Then they followed her, and later the person claims Spears went into one of Amsterdam’s coffee shops, which refers to a place where the Dutch gather to buy and smoke marijuana and consume alcohol.

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