Britney Spears Removes Suicide Plot From ‘Everytime’ Video

isn’t going to kill herself in her next video after all – shes’s killing the suicide concept. According to a treatment MTV News obtained for Spears’ “Everytime” video, the singer was going to appear to have taken pills and drowned in a bathtub. Camera tricks and surprise plot developments were designed to keep the results somewhat mystrious. But Spears has decided against using those scenes – which she maintains were meant to depict accidental death, not suicide — and has revised the concept for the clip accordingly. “Britney Spears was uncomfortable with these treatments due to the potential for a fictional accidental occurrence to be misinterpreted as a suicide, ” read a statement released by her label on Friday (March 12). “Ms. Spears revised the treatment to ensure the video for ‘Everytime’ will not have a scene in it that could in any way be perceived as a reference to a suicide.” Read more.

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