Britney Spears Saved By Avoiding Hard-Nosed Judge

Harvey Levin from ‘Celebrity Justice’ was on CNN’s ‘Live Today’ on Tuesday to discuss Britney Spears’ annulled wedding to childhood pal Jason Alexander, which he thought was an interesting legal case. “Because in Nevada, happen to have the law here, in Nevada there are requirements for getting a marriage annulled,” the lawyer explained. “And the only real basis that she would have for getting it annulled, which means it never really happened in the first place, would be if she could prove she had a lack of understanding. Now, typically — we went back and looked at the law. There are cases as early as 1925 in Nevada were people proved that by showing they were so drunk they didn’t have the ability to form a thought. Well, she’s not alleging that. She’s just saying, You know, we didn’t think it through. Technical that may not be enough to actually get an annulment in Nevada because they did go to a chapel. They were turned away. They had to go to the marriage license bureau. They had to go back to the chapel. And if the judge were really hard-nosed about it, he might have said, You know what? I don’t think you had a lack of understanding, really. But that that’s what he said.” Read more.

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