Britney Spears Says Tom Cruise Isn’t Too Old For Her

continued her chat with Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell where she revealed she had a crush on Tom Cruise. Britney also talked about her cameo in the celebrity packed ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember.’ Read on for a transcript.

Gwyneth just might be the luckiest girl in Hollywood to share a kiss
with Tom Cruise. Nancy went one on one with the top star who has her eyes

Nancy: Do you like Tom Cruise or is he too old for you?

Britney: He is not too old. No, Tom Cruise is not too old. No.

Nancy: A possible crush on Tom aside, a shagadelic Britney Spears gets
to shake it with the film’s star in her cameo appearance in ‘Austin Powers
in Goldmember,’ joining other powerhouse names like Cruise, Paltrow and
Spacey. Unfortunately, Britney didn’t get a chance to meet any of them.

Britney: I met Beyonce. I’ve met her before. But all the other ones,
like Gwyneth Paltrow, I’ve never met her, and I would love to meet her,
but all the other ones I have never met.

Nancy: I bet you were probably hoping they would be on the set at the
same time.

Britney: It would’ve been cool. That would have been really cool.

Nancy: How it come about? Did Mike Myers ask you personally?

Britney: Yes. He had dinner with me, and he asked me. He wanted to meet
me, and we met each other, and I was like, “Okay, he likes me. I’m going
to get to be in his movie now.” So it was cool.

Nancy: Did you have to worry about being in the movie?

Britney: Oh, I don’t know. I had to meet him. Kind of like a little
audition there, so I was a little nervous.

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