Britney Spears School Essay To Be Auctioned

The People reports that a school essay written by is expected to fetch more than £500 at auction in London on Wednesday (October 1).

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12 thoughts on “Britney Spears School Essay To Be Auctioned

  1. rachel says:

    Oh wow!!! They are actually selling the essay about how much she likes shopping overseas like Canada and also going to countries in Europe like Australia. Oh my these people are very bold!

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:


  3. hotstuff says:

    ^^shes just mad because in school Britney was liked by people and in fact was homecoming queen and @ Xtina’s prom was booed and when they played GIAB everybody left the dance floor.

  4. rachel says:

    omg Hotsuff, Slutney was never homecoming queen. She was on the homecoming court once but she was never voted queen. The only reason why she was on there because she lived in a hick town in Louisiana and they are so backwards that they only good thing that happened to them was Slutney making it to the Mickey mouse club. LMAO, idiots and she was dumb as hell in school and she still is now.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    “The only reason why she was on there because she lived in a hick town in Louisiana and they are so backwards that they only good thing that happened to them was Slutney making it to the Mickey Mouse Club” ^^^LMAO

  6. pickles says:

    You know, I used to enjoy reading the things you had to say even though I usually didn’t agree with it because you were one of the few mature people here. Now…. well, Xtina-Dirrty finds you funny….

  7. RossEKU1 says:

    To Everyone, X-TinaDirrty it is so said that you live your entire life through this website. Your comments are unoriginal and rather boring almost as much as your idol that you seem to have incorporated that persona into your own. You keep referring to Britney as copying Christina in ever weak breath that disperses from your lips when in fact your entire persona is that of Christina. Chew on that a bit while I now tear apart your entire post referring to the essay. First of all if you ever want any of your post to be taken seriously you need to learn how to make a thoroughly demonstrative argument which simply doesn’t happen. In this particular post you don’t even use proper grammar. For example, “FOR HER NIPPLE SIZED BRAIN’S SAKE, SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHO’S YOKO ONO IS AND WHERE THE F**K IS AUSTRALIA.” A better argument would sound like this: For Britney’s nipple-sized brain’s sake she didn’t even know WHO Yoko Ono is or where Australia was located This might help you along. Back to your points though in the article: your flat out wrong. Britney was actually a Straight A student who finished school via Home Schooling. Whereas Christina never finished and had to quit because of constant harassment from her peers rather than Britney quitting to pursue her music career at a far younger age with her record deal in tote. So my beat is that between the two Britney is far more cultured and intelligent than Ms. Christina. My last comment is now directly to you. Think before you post – because your making an A S S out of you as well as your IDOL.

  8. ballersfantasy says:

    Ya, I agree with you. You just have to understand that she’s a Britney wanna-be. Since she doesn’t measure up, she thought she might as well settle for Christina. All she wants is attention on this website, since she never gets any at home. It’s actually pretty sad, I feel sorry for the girl.

  9. babet says:

    and you’re pathetic for paying attention to her, reading her comments, and then posting a comment about her. doesn’t that say something about u? at least she has a sense of humor……(unless you’re one of those uptight pricks)…….. Britney will never be more cultured than xtina…… Christina pays tribute to her background in pop and in Latin music. what has your spear’s done that is so “cultured”. just by the way Britney talks and carries herself is enough to tell she’s a walking idiot. even if I didn’t hate her……. I’d would never say she’s famous for being intelligent….or known for even being remotely intelligent. xtina’s intelligence is clearly shown through her writing and her intelligent views and opinions…something your IDOL needs to take a few tips on. face it …your pop failure is famous for her lip synching and for promoting “blonde bimbos”. she is untalented and she’s degraded music in so many ways. at least with Madonna….she was controversial with her MUSIC…… Britney is controversial for screwing guys….. a lot of them. Christina is known for her voice and her outrageous image that are also reflected in her music. so Britney ain’t got nothing on xtina.

  10. Britney_rocks says:

    um actually Britney won homecoming queen she was up against her cousin Erin Simmons I think her name was. yeah and it is true that when they play genie in a bottle everyone left the dance floor. haha

  11. Julie816 says:

    Britney was home coming queen. Also, Christina was such a conceited b8tch in school people booed her. At least Britney has essays to sell, Christina is too stupid to even write an essay or even write a correct sentence. All Christina can sell is the used condoms she used during high school. lol

  12. Zach says:

    Can’t believe some people are so pathetic to say Xtina is “intelligent”.
    “Cultured” my ass, seriously haters? That fakeass bitch?!
    You retarded bitches wanna hate? At least, get it right. ‘kay, scums?
    Xtina has nothing against Brit except maybe at screaming her vagina off, don’t even let me get into that… she’s so beneath Brit and jealous of Brit at EVERYTHING! Oh yeah, Christina is that DESPERATE! She doesn’t get it why guys screw her then run away in high school even the nerds and the outcast.. Poor little bitch, I know, but well, she’s begging for it… Even her fans are die hard hallucinating idiots (she’s jealous of Brit at that as well, her fans are lame as heck. Yeah you, you know who you are) and use false claims (they’re too dumb that they buy everything their “anti-Spears hater club” tell them) as their desperate attempt to undermine Britney just like her. LOL… How lame…

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