Britney Spears Shops At Virgin Megastore, Buys Timbaland CD

was spotted arriving at the Hollywood & Highland Center on Friday (December 28) in West Hollywood to do some shopping at the Virgin Megastore for a second consecutive day. Britney, joined by her female assistant, again had to lay down the law with the pesky paps to stay out of the elevator. The paps quickly scurried to shoot the singer from the store’s outside window.

Spears was then hosed exiting the shop and peppered with questions about her purchase, including if she bought a CD by ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. She then told the paps, “Excuse me! You’re so festive for Christmas.” When told Happy New Year, so responded in an altered voice, “You too!” Asked if she could show what she purchased, Britney responded, “No! It’s mine!” But before entering her Mercedes and driving off, Britney relented to the questioners by revealing, “I got Timbaland.”

Watch footage via YouTube below.

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