Britney Spears… Sing Live One More Time

The AMA’s were on tonight and once again a no thrills performance from Britney Spears. Can the girl sing or what?

Tonight I was highly disappointed by Britney’s American Music Awards performance. She hyped it up saying, “I’m not going to lip-synch,” but unless I was hallucinating she was lip-synching. If only Britney would just sit down like did and belt out a song for once. I’m convinced that the girl can sing. I mean a record contract does not just fall in a young girls lap from Louisiana on looks alone.

What upsets me more than anything is that she gets tired of people saying she can’t sing but she does nothing to really dispel the rumors. If anyone tuned into TRL last week and caught her live performance of ‘Me Against The Music’ you could tell she was actually singing which was so refreshing.

So this is my call of action, Britney, get out there and belt out a song, no dance moves just you and the music! Lets show everyone you can sing live.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears… Sing Live One More Time

  1. justanotherbtch says:

    She looked horrible and she didn’t sing live.

  2. Cicero says:

    ^^ That’s too bad. Does anyone have any more impressions? I didn’t watch. So she didn’t sing? and she didn’t dance well? What did she perform? Thanks.

  3. socram says:

    She looked great!!! She really does look good with long hair!! She sang most of the parts of the song, and she danced very good!

  4. rachel says:

    Ah she can’t sing, she knows it and we know it. That is why she said “I think my voice is okay”, a true singer will say I love my voice blah blah. Even that stupid Kelly Osbourne thinks her own voice is good. This girl I didn’t even know was watching the AMA’s with me and she said it looks like Britney Spears is a copycat off Christina Aguilera with her outfit etc. LMAO I didn’t even bring it up, I am glad other people have noticed, I always thought I might be somewhat biased but its the truth. Her performance might doom her CD sales on Tuesday, it really sucked. The funny thing is that Hilary Duff’s performance was better than Britney’s. Hilary Duff is so cute even though she can’t sing, Ashanti can’t sing to save her life either but she is better than Britney.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Sadly Hilary Duff (who was also a laughing stock at tonight’s award show) got more applause than Britney. The whole set was ugly and the dance routine was a poor copy of Janet Jackson’s. Britney looked stupid and fat. Once again Britney disappointed her fans. Pink completely blew her off with that acoustic performance. Pink’s was the best. The next essay should be something like this: Britney: breaks down one more time.

  6. musikluver says:

    Britney did sing live on the first part of performance, and on and off through the rest. which I understand though, she looked hot and did a lot of dancing……. but anyway .. she sang “everytime’ live… so she’s not afraid of live singing… also on TRL.. so… whatever! and NO… Hilary Duff did not come close to giving an exciting performance like Britney…. but Pink was awesome tonight!! everyone else sucked especially Kid Rock!

  7. breez says:

    Big deal. Britney never sings live – because she knows how bad she sounds. She has no respect for her audience.

  8. JMAX says:

    It was another half-n-half performance. She DID sing some, but it was over a pre-recorded track that drowned her out whenever she tried to sing. And I don’t recall her saying “I’m not going to lip-synch.” I heard other people saying she wouldn’t, and I remember her talking about lip-synching, but I don’t remember her saying she wasn’t going to do it. Also, it’s not that she can’t sing. It IS her on the track after all. And it’s not that she can’t sing live, she always sing ballads live (like “Everytime”). The only songs she lips are songs where she dances (like “MATM”). But personally, I do think she should cut back on the dancing and focus on the singing. Oh well. She’s definitely not the only one to do it. Janet Jackson has done it for many years.

  9. Stallion says:

    The Ruben and Clay performance was awesome. The pink and Ashanti performance was awesome. I’m not going to like I did like the Britney Spears and Hilary Duff performance only because I like those two songs. I would love to have Britney Spears give me a lap dance. Maybe Britney should do what Justin Timberlake or Usher do. Only dance for the chorus and sing live for the verses.

  10. otownfan03 says:

    That performance was scary…she looked like wonder women with that cheap outfit and and the set reminded me of the lights on the Las Vegas strip… some was lip sync and some of it she actually did live…. but because of her “singing live” her dancing sucked!!! I think she’s finally realizing people are starting to notice she doesn’t have that great of a voice and she maybe smelling the coffee that she isn’t as good singing wise either……i hoped the CD bombs tomorrow!!! MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED!

  11. KW says:

    All I have to say is….AMEN @ THAT!!!

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