Britney Spears Single Surprisingly Huge In D.C.

Contributed by RedBeast:

Well, tonight… Washington D.C’s most popular station Hot 99.5 had it’s “Top 5 @ 9” and the number one spot belonged to ‘Me Against The Music’ by and not only that, that was the first time that the song was premiered on that station. The DJ said it made Hot 99.5’s history, that a single premiered as a number 1 most requested song. the song didn’t even play yet and still it became number one, DJ said this happened because a huge number of requests came in today for it. Also, I went to Club Nation last night, a preppy dance club and I was dancing and Britney’s ‘Me Against The Music’ came on and everyone cheered, literally and danced… after that, they played an urban remix of ‘Slave 4 U’. Anyways, the song is huge here. Everyone I know likes it and the DJ said that he promises that you’d be hearing the song so much this week that you’ll be in “Britney-mood” in no time, as he put it.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Single Surprisingly Huge In D.C.

  1. angelM says:

    I don’t believe this crap. I think that people where just curious but the curiosity will go down and the song will do bad.

  2. JnChrisFan1 says:

    I don’t know why the song is garbage and corny, come on now lets be real, I think the Britney fans only like it is because its Britney and they wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t like it, but honestly I would have preferred the version without Madonna she messes up the song even more to tell you the truth

    Yeah you’re right AngelM, people are real curious to hear the song since people wanna keep her songs a secret like its real good or something, but the song will get old pretty quick cause its not all that great.

  3. RedBeast says:

    ^ Do you live in D.C? if you do, and if you listened to the station then you’d know it’s true. it’s so stupid that you think people like myself are telling lies especially when you don’t even live in D.C. don’t believe it? then fine, get out of here. the only crap there is, is you.

  4. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Ugh I’m not a huge fan of Britney Spears but he/she is telling the truth. I use to live in the D.C. area (now live in Ga *Tear*) and the 1 or 2 Britney songs that were released while I lived there (she was just starting out) usually went to #1, and everyone I talk to says that Britney Spears is suddenly huge over there. Well good luck to Britney!

  5. mikemc says:

    I don’t know what to think of this song, I hear A LOT of big Britney fans saying the song the song is BAD, I also think its doing good in the beginning because people really are curious about it. Mainly because Britney hasn’t had a song out in so long, well know it’s a hit if it stays at #1 for awhile.

  6. outrageous4u says:

    Talk about Christina bashers…. you Britney bashers are ridiculous lets all be adults and give credit where credit is due this is amazing-for anyone-to have a single so huge when it just was released yesterday its huge in the city I live in, Denver if you haters can’t handle it then your stupid comments will only show how pathetic you all are this is the best-Britney once again Britney shut the mouths of her critics

  7. breez says:

    Well, Duh. I’m not surprised. Her songs were always crap, and always number 1. Why should we expect the little 8 year olds not to eat up this crap as well? Her songs will get crappier and crappier, and it wont make a difference. She could record one of her dumb teenybopper conversations with her sister and it will still get to number one. BECAUSE NO ONE CARES ABOUT HER MUSIC!

  8. crazybeat214 says:

    Britney haters…..YOU SUCK. And people doubted Britney’s success, its great to read things like this, poor Britney haters, all they do is talk talk talk and something as simple as this comment makes them cringe, HA! Man Britney is just too cool for school, she is amazing. GET OVER IT. (don’t write me your petty comments back, no one is listening)

  9. Britney_rocks says:

    Right on man!!! 2.8 million people voted her and she is #1 on my station this is awesome man!! Go Britney!

  10. B0rntoplay says:

    I’m from So.Cal, but I’m in Texas for the weekend and I was listening to a radio station down here and she was also number 1. I don’t know how she is doing back home, but MATM is big here in Texas. I’m very glad to see a good response to the song…I knew she would do good. I guess she is proving the Britney-haters wrong… Anyways, I love the song…and am now even more excited for the album. Come on November 18th

  11. Hell6 says:

    This single is HUGE… There’s no doubt why AOL used as is 100 ‘First Listen’ audio, because is indeed a classic hit that have 2 of the most talented female artist “Britney + Madonna”. “Me Against The Music” is great, and I’m very happy with the acceptance that the song has got til’ know. Remember, “In The Zone” released on November 18. Britney will perform 2 songs at ‘SNL’ on October 18. Will also perform at the AMA’s and the EMA’s.

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