Britney Spears Slays Christina Aguilera

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As some have been mentioning, the battle of the pop princesses is coming to an end, and a clear winner is emerging, and that winner is Britney Spears. Lets compare 2004, a great year for Britney in terms of breaking records, selling millions of albums and having 3 world wide hit singles and a hit fragrance. Christina Aguilera? Nothing but complete and utter disaster. Even with the blatant failure of everything Christina Aguilera has done, her fives and tens of remaining fans left in the world are still convinced that Christina will last. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Christina may have won some battles, but Britney is winning the war.

2002, the era in which everyone thought Christina will last, who would have thought now she is struggling to sell anything? She can’t even have hit singles. Her current disaster ‘Tilt Your Head Back’ is at its second week and has failed to make it to the top 30 of the world chart, and if that’s not embarrassing enough Britney Spears’ ‘ My Prerogative’ is still in the top 5 after several weeks, something her other disaster ‘Carwash’ could not achieve. For someone who is supposed to last longer than Britney, that is awful. If that isn’t bad enough, then look at her horrific performance on the Australian DVD chart. Britney is at #4, she has managed to stay in the top 5 for weeks, but Christina? She fell from #6 to #17. OUCH!:

B TW LW TI HP Title Artist Accred. Company Cat. No.
1 1 201 1 HELL FREEZES OVER Eagles
15 WARNER 8573830902
2 2 2 2 ULTIMATE KYLIE – DVD Kylie Minogue
2 FMR 338378
6 CAP/EMI 5992089
JI 82876664389
5 4 3 3 SO FRESH: 2004 VOLUME 2 DVD Various JV/UMA 9825825
6 5 6 1 RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT! Jet
2 CAP/EMI 5443249
7 15 16 1 CONCERT FOR SLIM Various
2 CAP/EMI 5999409
8 11 151 1 LIVE AT THE ALBERT Robbie Williams
4 CAP/EMI 4926859
10 10 5 2 LIVE AID Various
WARNER 2564618952
2 UMA 9821471
12 9 3 4 ANYWHERE BUT HOME Evanescence
EPI/SBME 202753.7
EMI 5441879
15 18 48 1 DELTA Delta Goodrem
12 EPI/SBME 202227.9
16 19 50 1 #1’s Michael Jackson
5 EPI/SBME 202250.9
17 6 4 4 STRIPPED: LIVE IN THE UK Christina Aguilera RCA/SBME 82876580009

This DVD has not even been certified, that is how much of a failure it is. Look at the people outselling her. Neil Diamond? Powderfinger? Jet? They aren’t even promoting their album and even they can outsell Christina.

Some fans of Christina have been ( incorrectly) claiming that Christina is the next Madonna. The reason Madonna is the Queen of Pop is not because she changed her looks several times, not entirely. What made Madonna the Queen of pop was her amazing album sales. For 20 years she has managed to make hit singles and sell albums. Christina on the other hand has only been here for 5 years and her career is already going down the toilet. Madonna has managed to sell 115 million albums, with the amount of popularity Christina is loosing it will take her 2 life times to sell 40 million albums, let alone 115 million albums. Out of all the other female artists of this generation, Britney is the closest to Madonna, with her album sales of 66 million.

It is not just album sales that will make Britney the next Madonna, but one the ability to effortlessly gain attention. This is something that comes naturally to Britney and Madonna, but something Christina has yet to master the art of doing. Christina Aguilera is in India, scarcely anyone cares. Not the media, not the public. Nobody is talking about Christina. Christina could be in the middle of Baghdad and she will still get zero press attention. But look at Britney Spears, she easily stole the show at the Billboard award with just her mere attendance:

Britney Thrilled 2004 Billboard Awards Audience
thrilled the audience at last night’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, by making her first public appearance as a married woman.

The pop superstar took to the stage to present Kanye West with the first of his four honors of the night, Rap Artist of The Year. Wearing a tight-fitting lacy mini-dress, the new Mrs. Federline drew cheers of approval from the MGM Grand crowd.

Spears was celebrating after being handed the year’s Dance Single Sales of The Year award before the ceremony.

6 years on, Britney still has the world wrapped round her little finger. She is winning awards, getting Grammy nominations, selling 4 million copies of her Greatest Hits album in FOUR weeks and has had some of the biggest hits this year.
On the other hand Christina has had a string of flops this year. This only marks the decline of her significance in the music world. Even experts know that Britney is STILL more significant in the music world than Christina. In Q Magazine Britney was 4 of the only females to be in the top 40 of their music icon pole. Here is what they said about her:

“Teen pop’s biggest icon since Madonna in the early 80’s, Britney’s impact on music and the wider world of celebrity remains phenomenal. How she sounds, how she looks, who she’s marrying…”

Fans of Christina Aguilera keep on referring back to the Stripped era to prove Christina’s long stay in the music business. Well newsflash, Stripped was 2 years ago and now her career is in TATTERS. She is struggling to have hit singles, her DVD is not selling, her tour bombed.

When Christina releases her new album in 2005, this will put the final nail in the coffin for her career. Does this girl ever learn? If your 20’s and 30’s inspired tour flops, your two 20’3 and 30’s inspired singles bomb, then SURELY her next album (which is also going to be 20’s and 30’s inspired) is going to flop. She is in India now to get ‘inspiration’. Oh great, even worse. 20’s and 30’s inspired Indian music album. Just watch that album fly off the shelves. Sarcasm by the way.

Several times Christina Aguilera fans have argued that sales do not matter. Sale DO in fact matter. If an artist’s career is failing, then this means that the public is not interested, therefore they will not be here for years. We have already seen this with Christina. In England her popularity has decreased so radically, with her two singles selling miserable amounts. Her DVD is falling down the charts. More interest is being paid to Britney. Her Greatest Hits album recently became the fastest selling Greatest Hits album for a female artist in UK chart history ever. In Australia people are growing tired of Christina. Everyone is tired of Christina. She has become a pain in the arse, like a cancer of the music world. Christina Aguilera is becoming boring. She was interesting before, but now nothing she does is of any interest. She can turn up at an award show, douse herself in lighter fluid and set herself alight and she still wont steal the show.

Christina is to the music world what Cindy Lauper was back in the 80’s. Insignificant. While Britney ( Like Q Magazine correctly said) is like Madonna.

RIP Christina Aguilera’s’ career: 1999-2004.

I can’t say that I am not excited for her next album to be released though. I will be carefully observe the failure of this album sitting back with a bucket of popcorn watching her next album fail to hit the one million mare WORLD WIDE.

Oh, and by the way, how’s Xposed doing?

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17 thoughts on “Britney Spears Slays Christina Aguilera

  1. Kyle says:

    That was mean and not necessary… Christina is relevant, she will be in the scene until she retires, she is the voice of my generation. But , Britney is the new queen of music.

  2. Jhon says:

    Are you stupid?…rip for Christina 1999-2004 hahaha…now we are in 2008 and she is still very relevant to the industry hahaha!!!…Britney fans are as dumb as they come!!!…i don’t have to say bad things about Britney, but the funny thing is that it was the time she became crazy!!!…so queen of pop I don’t think so…

  3. walter hays says:

    the person who wrote this can go to hell back to basics was the biggest tour of 2007 for a female and the DVD went straight to no 1 so you ca get your facts straight. And on the lighter side seems you are just as demented and confused as Britney if she is the queen of anything it will be the queen of meltdowns ah how many has she had so far and then look at Christina solid as a rock since the day she started

  4. meghan says:

    Ha ha …. what a saddo look who has more Grammys, more AMA’s more respect, more happiness and a much better voice… Christina with just 3 albums[studio] she has sold 43 million and with 6 albums Britney has sold 83 million which is a lot more but also has 3 more albums.

  5. meghan says:

    Oh and by the way..
    hows believed doing.. sorry I don’t dislike Britney but that perfume is disgusting
    where as inspire is set to be bigger than her last perfume that was celebrity perfume of the year.!

  6. Sarah says:

    AMEN you are so right..even though Britney did have her hard times in 2007 and everything she was still the most famous women in Hollywood. people need to remember that Madonna got to where she was by controversy, scandals, album sales, and popularity…all of which Britney has

  7. Angelina says:

    Britney Spears is officially the best selling female artist this decade. She doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Britney Spears – 88+ million albums sold with her first album coming out in 1999. 120+ million records sold when you add in her single sales. Britney has sold more than double what Christina Aguilera has, I love them both, but Christina can’t hold a candle to Britney’s sales.

  8. Abby says:

    Christina is the new Queen of Pop! Deal with it.

  9. Shabrica says:

    A 90 million grossed tour and 42 million records later… you were saying, WRITER? All hail Queen Christina!

  10. Jon says:

    Sadly the writer got this wrong.

    Nothing would please me more than for Christina to disappear from the music scene as all she does is copy Madonna and her ability to reinvent herself. Christina keeps trying to reinvent herself to make sure she can last which is a cheap rip off of Madonna’s genuine creativity.

    However from the depths of Dirrty Christina has come back. Another album due this summer too so sadly, she will stick around. :(

  11. azoimz says:

    Britney has sold more than 85 million records worldwide,
    300+ million singles.
    her circus tour grossed 49 million in just 24 shows
    while Christina, grossed 48 million in 80 shows.
    what a big difference.

  12. Francisco Aguilera says:

    Excuse me last time I checked Christina was the pop princess and Britney was was just copying Christina and there isn’t just 10 Christina fans left in the world there is millions so how would you even know how many of us love and care for Christina so f*** off Britney’s fans can go suck it cause they will follow her foot steps and end up going to rehab like her. she is a bad influence to every little kid in the world. unlike Christina how hasn’t gone to rehab her whole life!!!!!

  13. Dominique says:

    Britney’s album sales…oh how intimidating….NOT! Who gives a flip how many records Britney has sold. Come on retards… when it comes to real talent, there is no competition. Pop queen Christina, will always be the best female singer.

    Thanks Christina, for always staying true to yourself as an artist! We all <3 you and we’re waiting for you and your new hits baby doll!

  14. Kat says:

    Why is it that the person who wrote this failed to mention one important fact? Christina is talented. She’s a vocalist. She can sing LIVE and sound good. She can sing a capella and sound AMAZING. Britney Spears has lip synced and gyrated her way into success. The only difference between her and a stripper is that her stage is bigger as is her paycheck. It makes her successful (financial-only) tours all the more laughable because she lip syncs. I guess there really is a thirst for lip-syncing and mediocre dancing. I guess Milli Vanilli were onto something.

    Britney may outsell Christina but Christina’s the one who can sing. It’s talent that matters. Quality over quantity. Britney is a talentless hag who whores herself to make money. She’s a disgrace to the music industry; sales notwithstanding.

    Real musicians don’t respect Britney because there’s nothing there. She can’t sing a note, play an instrument or write a song. Grow a brain you fu**tards out there. Everyone is free to enjoy whatever “music” they like but don’t call a piece of sh** potpourri. Sh** is sh** even if it sells and even some people love sh**.

  15. jay day says:

    of course Britney is better than Christina its 2009 and Britney is still having number 1s and Christina hasn’t been heard from in years Britney is the best out there and always will be remembered even when she’s gone she is the biggest selling artist in the last 10 years and that is a good accomplishment

  16. Mark says:

    I really cannot stand people arguing like idiots on here.
    Don’t be a keyboard gangster.

    Christina undoubtedly has a bigger, more powerful voice. But that does not make her the better singer. Britney has an innocence to her voice that is unmistakeable.

    And Britney can play instruments.
    If you are going to bash an artist, use solid acts and not stupid fabrications.

    Britney is the Queen of Pop.

    There is no one to rival her popularity, success as record sales.

    Hence the passing of the baton in the Me Against the Music video.

    Christina is a great artist, but she will always be remembered as the girl who was second best to Britney.

    Britney’s had a tough time, undeniably so, but she has staged a spectacular comeback and once again reigns supreme in the pop league.

    Lady GaGa has taken her place in the Industry now.

    Britney is Queen, whereas GaGa is on the way up.

    GaGa will become the new Princess of Pop if she puts out another couple albums and proves that she has staying power.

    Something Christina has had a little trouble with, whereas Britney has been the forefront of the worlds media since her debut.

    Good luck to Christina with the new 2010 album which is said to be released.

    But she would enjoy much more success if she stopped trying to compete with Britney.
    Britney is the Ultimate Pop Queen.
    End of.

  17. BrtineyLover says:

    All theses Christina fans should get their facts right. ALL of Britney’s albums outsold Christina’s albums and BIONIC?? that was a real flop. It barley sold any singles and didn’t even sell enough to affect her overall album sales.

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