Britney Spears Sold Over 100 Million Records

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It’s hard to believe that someone who was once labelled a ‘one hit wonder’ would be come such a huge pop icon. Well, has proved her critics wrong and has stretched her ’15 minutes of fame’ to 6 years. Now Britney has achieved what all her peers such has and has yet to achieve, she has sold over 100 million records.

Record sales is the amount of singles and albums sold added together

Singles sales:
baby one more time : 8,580,000
sometimes : 2,560,000
You drive me crazy : 3,995,000
Born to make you happy : 2,550,000
from the bottom of my broken heart : 1,000,000
Oops i did it again : 3,815,000
lucky : 2,611,000
stronger : 3,060,000
dont let me be the last to know : 412,000
I’m a slave 4 U : 1,800,000
overprotected : 940,000
I’m not a girl not yet a woman : 995,000
boys : 545,000
I love rock n roll : 380,000
Anticipating : 36,000
Me Against the music : 1,998,000
Toxic : 2,100,000
Everytime : 1,850,000
Outrageous : 15,000
My Prerogative : 768,000
Total Global single sales EST : 40 million

BOMT: 24 million
OIDIA: 20 million
Britney: 11 million
ITZ: 7.4 million
GH: MP: 4 million
66.4 million albums sold

40 million+ 66 million = 106 million records sold.

For the record, Christina Aguilera has only sold 35 million records, and compared to Britney, that is nothing.

While ‘My Prerogative’ the single is nearing the 1 million mark ( at around 760k), Carwash is stuck at the 400k mark. Britney is the clear winner in the battle of the pop princesses.

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12 thoughts on “Britney Spears Sold Over 100 Million Records

  1. p1nky says:

    These are accurate numbers but what does that have to do with Christina. who cares who sold more stop comparing the 2 sales doesn’t make someone better, they are both great in their own ways.

  2. aa_money says:

    There’s no point in putting this up, because what part of that article is not true???? hmm she has sold over 106 million albums/singles TRUE, Christina has only sold 35 million TRUE, Britney is better then Christina?? TRUE!!! Well done Britney

  3. meteora says:

    Why must these idiots always bring up album sales? what about talent, the role in society, the respect of others? Name one real talent that Britney has. Just one. can’t wait to read what these obsessed morons come up with.

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    um, no, ALBUM sales are the sales of her ALBUMS…NOT her singles…. You guys just seem to get more desperate by the minute!!! How sad!! You’re almost as big of a laughing stock as she is!

  5. hellahooked says:

    That’s awesome but why must you people bring up album(+single) sales all the time? We know Britney is the selling machine whose talented and.. you didn’t need to mention Christina either, you know.

  6. Clara106 says:

    Britney may have sold many records, not 100 million, those are clearly inaccurate numbers, but, that doesn’t make her talented, smart, original, or creative. she is still a fake, untalented, ditzy bimbo who copies others every chance she gets. in the “battle of the pop princesses”, Kylie Minogue wins because she has sold way more than Britney or Xtina. she may not be well known in the states but, she has been releasing successful albums, singles, and videos for nearly 20 years. also, we all know that Christina has the true talent so I’m not even sure if sales even count. and this isn’t even coming from an Christina fan. I’m not a fan of either but, it doesn’t take a genius to know that Christina is more talented. its just a fact.

  7. Gorkem says:

    Britney is a global superstar, this sales number is normal for her.. Whereas some people who are compared to Britney are all little stars who do not have global impact.. Britney is the queen

  8. mr. right says:

    How can you say that she has sold 100+ million records when 40 million of those are singles, meaning one track. You need to redo your math

  9. Xisme says:

    Christina has sold over 50,000,000 records worldwide.. Britney spears has not sold more than 100,000,000 yet and at this rate will never hit that mark. her last 3 albums have under performed, with Femme Fatale flopping and blackout selling around 1.9million. Bionic flopped because it lacked promotion still today many people have no idea about Bionic, but burlesque soundtrack continues to sell.

  10. Jen says:

    Britney Spears is the best-selling female artist of the last decade, 2000-2009. She did sell more than 100 000 000 records and she’s joining Whitney, Janet, and Mariah. Check Femme Fatale is hardly flopping, it’s #12 top album in US so far in 2011, Britney is not doing too well as in album sales, but she still has a lot of loyal fans and she puts on the most exciting tours. She and Gaga are a competition in those popularity polls and Britney is still going strong after 12 years since her debut. With highly influential celebs like Rihanna, Christina, Kylie Minogue, Snoop Dogg, Bieber, interested in doing duets with her, she’s still in business. Party-hard celebs (ex. Paris, Kim, Nicole) who attended Britney’s Femme Fatale tour enjoyed her epic performance. Britney brings hot music to fans all over the world and her tours are all exciting. She’s the only? artist to perform with Michael Jackson and Madonna. Britney Spears never became the legend she is now because of her singing skills! Everyone knows that. It’s her hit songs, amazing performances, sweet-image, beauty, and strength that makes her a legend. Christina’s been successful too, she’s sold 50 million albums and she does have a good voice. If she can make a comeback album/single and develop a better reputation with her peers, I think maybe Christina will make a comeback. Both Britney and Christina are very successful that’s for sure.

  11. Alejandro says:

    mmm…well this is correct…but at that time you said Christina has sold just 35 million records compared to Britney 100…well 35 million RECORDS not SINGLES PLUS RECORDS, now Christina has sold over that :D and the two girls are still dominating the industry :D

  12. Kevin says:

    I may be responding to an old thread, but I don’t care. I just stumbled upon it. Whomever made this article said record sales are a cumulative total of albums+singles. Which is accurate. It was never said albums were total sales. Also it was confirmed by Billboard in 2004 that she had sold 100+ million RECORDS(Albums+singles)! Just counting CONFIRMED album sales for Baby One More Time, and Oops I Did it Again she sold 50+ million albums worldwide. The single Baby One More Time has sold 10+ million worldwide, and the single Oops I Did it Again 8+ million worldwide. Just counting those 2 albums, and the 2 lead singles she had already sold 68 million RECORDS!! 15 million more albums from Britney and another 10 million albums for In The Zone. That brings the total to 93 million RECORDS without adding any additional singles from the 1998-2004 era. She has easily sold 200+ million RECORDS worldwide through 2017. Billboard just reported about a month ago that from 2010-2017(present day) she has sold an additional 50+ million RECORDS. I will agree that name dropping any artist to compare to her is a low blow. No one needs to be reminded who she sold more than. All that her sales prove is that more people were interested in her and her music. Doesn’t mean she was more talented than one or the other. Everything that could go right for Britney; did! She knew what people wanted to hear and see. I’ll put it like this, and I’m only saying this because the comparison was already brought up. Christina had the voice. She’s a great singer, but there are a lot of great singers. There is nobody like Britney. She’s an amazing entertainer. When she’s on stage; all eyes are on her. People hadn’t seen a performer like her since Michael, Janet, and Madonna. What made her different; was not only was she this amazing performer but she was stunningly beautiful. She showcased a confidence on stage only seen by 3 great legends I just mentioned. However, off stage she was this sweet, innocent, relatable, and humble person. The same can’t be said about Michael, Janet or Madonna. All three of them are/were very egotistical. Christina from the very beginning was always very diva like. I mean that the nicest way possible. It’s always been very clear to me why Britney sold more. Her relativeness has always been very compelling. Considering her huge success and fame. Something that has always confused me is that Britney caught a lot of criticism for being overly provocative, but looking back Christina was always way more provocative than Britney ever was! Again NO SHADE intended at all!! I love Christina too. The early 2000’s were my pre-teen/teenage years. So both of them have a very special place in my heart. Along with many other artist’s from that time. I wish I could rewind time and relive all of their glory! :)

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