Britney Spears Spotted Drinking Red Bull

The Sun reports has again been spotted drinking a non-Pepsi product, this time a soft drink that gives you wings… Red Bull. Britney was spotted flanked by her bodyguards swigging a can of the drink when leaving her hotel.

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6 thoughts on “Britney Spears Spotted Drinking Red Bull

  1. fracksgirl says:

    OMG What are we gonna do!? She’s not drinking Pepsi!

  2. lea says:

    it’s not a ‘big deal’ but it’s kinda messed up that she endorses Pepsi and claims that’s her favorite drink but is seen numerous times with other soft drinks.

  3. Brentwood__Babe says:

    It is a big deal. In her contract, she is paid multimillions to endorse Pepsi. She is violating her contract by being seen in public with competitor’s drinks. This is why Pepsi sent her a nasty letter recently to remind her of her contractual obligations. (read: drink Pepsi, only Pepsi until your contract is over).

    You know, if I got paid mulitmillions to endorse a product like Pepsi and they aired my commercials at the Superbowl and the World Cup and even allowed me to write a song for the World Cup ad, I’d be so grateful, that I’d bathe in Pepsi for a year.

    Can’t this girl keep her end of the deal and swig a Pepsi when in public? At least use the can and fill it with the drink of her choice?

    She hasn’t been spotted ONE TIME with a Pepsi in her hand in public. At press conferences, yes, but she never actually DRINKS them!

    I swear, I hope they sue her for breech of contract.

  4. EndIsNear says:

    So she can’t drink anything that’s not Pepsi?

    Not wine, not beer, not even water?

    You all make me laugh, this is so funny.

  5. Brentwood__Babe says:

    She can’t drink beer or wine because she’s not of age. Another matter.

    She is not supposed to drink COMPETITOR’s drinks.

    Basically anything else in a can that is not a Pepsi product.

    I’m not sure why you find it funny. It’s a contractual agreement. Drink Pepsi products for x amount of time and we’ll pay you x amount of dollars. That’s why she sings a contract.

    It’s a legal, binding contract she agreed to, and she has no respect for it.

    As a person who’s worked in the legal field for many years, I don’t find it funny at all.

    Don’t care for either, quite frankly.

    I also don’t care for Pepsi, it’s sewer water, but if I were paid big bucks to push it, I’d do my team player crap and swill it every chance I got in public.

    I seriously doubt Pepsi will even renew her contract, since she can’t even be bothered to drink their product

  6. chris says:

    Does Pepsi employ spies to follow all their star endorsers around to watch what they are drinking?

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