Britney Spears Spotted In Los Angeles

was seen in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 20). She went to Arby’s and ordered a Market Fresh ham sandwich for lunch then had a cigarette with a few of her dancers.

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14 thoughts on “Britney Spears Spotted In Los Angeles

  1. nellysgirl says:

    her shirt is cute

  2. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    She looks cute even while dressing down with no makeup and a hat on.

  3. myloveislikewo says:

    she is so pretty. the one she is eating in is so cute, at least we know she doesn’t starve herself for that flat tummy. p.s. the lower photos are so risqué.

  4. merchant says:

    yeah, I guess I’m a typical guy, I like beauty… REAL BEAUTY. I agree with you, the photos are tastefully done.

  5. Stallion says:

    I like the picture of her naked

  6. Toefur says:

    Awesome Britney pictures, I like the fact that we get these kind of pictures almost everyday. But then again there’s Britney smoking again, I hate that factor about her!

  7. Tig says:

    dang, can this hoe eat without Getty pictures and the rest of the stalkers, chasing her…..She’s ok, but she’s not all that…Let the girl get her eat and freak on…..It would be funny, if she pulled out a joint on their stalking asses

  8. blondeambiti0n says:

    Wow, your jealousy is clearly shining through all your stupid comments. Grow up. CHRISTINA SUCKS.

  9. prettyblue says:

    Oh I love those pictures!!! She looks so pretty!!! I those clothes that she wears!!! You go girl!

  10. babet says:

    ok. this is it. I have never been more convinced that she or her label or her PR hired these losers to take pictures of her. this is a good way to make sure she remains in the media for a very very long time. Britney is probably getting 10% of the tabloid profit too. even j-lo doesn’t have that many pictures like these ….. what was the latest picture anybody’s ever seen her WITHOUT makeup on? every time these pictures come up……her face is always stacked with makeup. prepared?? there aren’t even a lot of pics of Christina going out in her daily life like this ….or anybody somethings up.

  11. ballersfantasy says:

    She looks cute and simple. Her butt looks huge! Looks really good though. In these pics you can kinda see her nipple ring too.

  12. RavenMcCoy80 says:

    Seriously, is the point of Britney’s life to just be spotted out and about, and all anyone here can do at is comment on how she looks? Who really cares? “Wow, she looks really hot.” And then you have your haters, who are all, “Oh please, she looks like she’s been rode hard and is trying to pick herself back up through rehab, keep smoking the cigarettes and she’ll look 40 by the time she’s 25,” etc. Why can’t people just treat Britney Spears like a normal person and respect her privacy when she’s out and about in public?

  13. blondeambiti0n says:

    You are so wrong it’s pathetic. Britney is constantly photographed, she’s one of the most photographed people in the world. Every time she goes out, BAM, there are pics taken of her. It’s not for publicity. It’s Britney in her daily life trying to do her own thing and live her life like a normal person. And Britney barely has any makeup on in most of her candid pics, she goes pretty natural for the most part. Just because Christina can’t be seen in public without having 2 pounds of makeup on doesn’t mean everyone else can’t go natural. I’ve only seen 1 candid pic of Christina without makeup on, just 1. I’ve seen countless candid pics of Britney without it. So, who can’t go out with the makeup? Christina has said it herself, “I don’t like the natural thing”. So please, take your head out of your ass and Christina’s and look at the bigger picture.

  14. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Damn, can they get out of her ass already? I like seeing new pics of Brit out and about, but it’s not even worth it if she can’t even live her life. She looks cute though, I have those same pants that I bought at Bebe’s. Ewww @ the cigarettes, how does she expect to continue giving high energy performances if she smokes? : / and babet, there is an immense amount of public fascination and interest in Britney, which is why everyone follows her every move, even people who don’t like her. IMO, there’s not a lot of pics of Christina cause people don’t really find her interesting or care enough about her. Her own fans would rather negatively reply in a Britney post rather than reply to a Christina post. Or maybe she’s not photographed because she has no life and never goes out? Eh, who cares.

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