Britney Spears Spotted Kissing Jared Leto At White Lotus

A spy tells E! Online’s Ted Casablanca, “I swear Britney was kissing a girl!” Turns out it was long haired actor/singer Jared Leto at the White Lotus in Los Angeles. Ted adds that the couple went into a roped-off room for about 20 minutes while Britney’s bad bod-guard stood in front of the door before being rushed out of the club. Later at Dolce, Spears was spotted going into the restroom three times in 1 hour as a bodyguard stood guard.

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears Spotted Kissing Jared Leto At White Lotus

  1. babet says:

    She’s so immature. she’s definitely trying to get back at Justin. only Justin and Cameron are happy together because they care about each other. not because Justin wants to get back at Britney. if Justin and Cameron get married……Britney should be invited….i would love to see that.

  2. blondeambiti0n says:

    Babet, GET OVER IT. Just because she is seen with another guy, doesn’t mean she’s immature. Gawd, you just don’t get it. First of all, this is another rumor(them kissing), second of all, so what? Is Britney not allowed to be out with other guys or to kiss them??? Please. Get off her a$$, it’s her life, she’ll do as she pleases. That doesn’t make her immature, it just makes you narrow-minded.

  3. Diablo27 says:

    You don’t find it weird Britney is supposedly with Cameron’s ex-fiance, and Cameron is dating Britney’s ex-boyfriend? I’m not saying she’s immature, but I do think she needs to get over Justin, if all of this turns out to be true, of course.

  4. prettyblue says:

    This is only *****in rumor!!! This is not true!

  5. HoneyRain says:

    ironic how when a story hints at Britney being promiscuous, people swear up and down it’s a rumor, but when the story’s about Christina you swear up and down that it’s true. this just proves that you can’t believe anything that tabloids print.. have you noticed that this Britney/Jared story has been “reportedly” both true AND untrue according to “insiders”?

  6. Carrie says:

    I can’t wait till Britney lands a steady boyfriend. I’m sick of all the stupidity they report about her. At least if she had a steady, the crap they report about her would die down.

  7. Jeff_tNET says:

    babet and other Britney haters – this does not make Britney immature. just because she got a boyfriend and you can’t get one doesn’t mean you have to get all jealous

  8. justincaseyestwo says:

    Then she should latch on to Jared. They make a much better looking couple than Cameron and Justin. Don’t get me wrong. Justin is still hot, hot, hot but something about him and Cameron just doesn’t fit. Nothing to do with age. He could date women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. Of course, now that I know that they both like to watch people have sex at Hefner’s mansion I – ok, that just makes me want to barf. Hugh Hefner is basically running a brothel except that the clients don’t pay. Hefner pays the cattle. These men just order up the women and Hefner sends them. Hugh Grant should have thought twice. Instead of picking up a hooker he could have had as many as he wanted at Hefner’s place.

    I don’t think this has anything to do with being immature or getting attention. (God, did I actually say that???) I think it is just a case of two people meeting and liking each other. It’s not like the four of them were really good friends. And if they were then Cameron and Justin did it first. So THEY (Cameron and Justin) would be the ones that have no say in this matter. Like I said I think B & J make a much better looking couple than C & J. They should run with this and see where it takes them. The worst that could happen would be that they have some fun with each other in every way. I’ll bet HE could teach her a thing or two. She’ll be shocked at what she has missed.

  9. jimmypee says:

    yes she is immature when she’s “dating” Cameron’s ex boyfriend. she’s just screaming “please give ME some attention”. and why did she keep going into the restroom? going in to do crack on the toilet seat no doubt. hey Jared is probably her dealer….he was doing crack in the past too.

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