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In stark contrast to what those who dislike say about Shania Twains Greatest Hits album beating Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits album, for the USA this may be true, but world wide, it’s a different matter. Britney Spears has not fallen, she is still every inch the star she was when she first burst onto the scene.

This week on the Global album charts, according to, Britney Spear’s Greatest Hits album is currently at the top 10, in at #6, whilst for Shania Twain her Greatest Hits album is currently at #10. What these slow witted buffoons who are so quick to call Britney a flop do not know is that world wide, Britney is actually OUTSELLING Shania Twain. Currently Shania Twains Greatest Hits album is at the 4 million mark, whilst Greatest Hits album has already surpassed the 5 million mark, from ChartRefugees:

Worldwide: 5,0193,833( est.)

But this mentally deranged people will obviously still proclaim that Britney is a flop, when clearly, she is anything but. These people are the same people who are fans of the ailing pop ‘star’ ( the word star being used loosely) Christina Aguilera, who has virtually zero anticipation for her new album. Unlike Britney’s Greatest Hits album which was talked about by the media and anticipated by fans world wide. But then again, I can understand why Christina’s album has no anticipation, because she is loosing fans. Plain and simple. Just look at the global chart run for Tilt Your Head Back:

Week 1: #34
Week2: #31
Week 3: #26
Week 4: #30
Week 5: #30

Okay then. At the early weeks of the release of Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, Christina Aguilera fans were so overjoyed that the album was going down the charts. Now they will be smiling on the other side of their faces since this album has moved from #36 to #31 and has been moving up since.

In the UK, Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits album has already become her fastest selling album ever, it is already nearing the 600k mark, it is at 565k, whereas Shania Twain is at the 300k mark. Britney’s Greatest Hits album will unquestionably go on to sell over 1 million copies in the UK. Because if she can sell over 565k in 8 weeks with 1 single, she will be releasing 2 other singles, so WATCH OUT CHRISTINA FANS. You can no longer boast about Stripped selling 1.2-1.6 million copies in the UK, since we Britney fans could just respond that Britney has TWO albums selling over 1 million copies ( Baby One More Time has sold over 1.6 million copies in the UK and last week re-entered the charts at #43, and is still in the top 65).
Britney Spears Greatest Hits album is selling faster then Shania Twains Greatest Hits album in Europe. Britney Spears has already sold almost 1.5 million copies in Europe, Shania Twain hasn’t even been certified platinum yet. Even Greatest Hits: My Prerogative is outselling Britney’s last album, In The Zone, according to bravebritney:

European Sales … GH MP VS ITZ


# 3 , ( 340,189 )
# 4 , ( 557,501 )
# 4 , ( 761,561 )
# 5 , ( 938,198 )
# 7 , ( 1,077,690 )
# 11 , ( 1,236,518 )
# 14 , ( 1,404,140 )
# 8 , ( 1,485,204 )


# 3 , ( 264,207 )
# 9 , ( 386,646 )
# 11 , ( 464,427 )
# 16 , ( 552,502 )
# 20 , ( 647,818 )
# 29 , ( 719,206 )
# 25 , ( 759,477 )
# 33 , ( 785,904 )

Oh, and for those dim witted Aguilera fans who didn’t notice, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative has moved up to #8 in the European charts, so you know where you can stick your flop theories then.
Sorry to burst your bubbles Christina fans, but not only in the US is Britney still going strong, but world wide. Most of you idiots are in serious denial that you would simply refuse to believe the facts, well, carry on living in your fantasy world, but how stupid would you look when 5 years later Britney is still here selling her millions?
Oh, and did I mention that Britney’s Greatest Hits album became the fastest selling Greatest Hit album for a female artist in UK chart history? Not Shania.
Christina Aguilera fans are obviously so distraught at the amount of failure that is occurring in Christina Aguilera’s’ career, they do not even use her to try to put down Britney Spears any more, they turn to people like Jessica Simpson, Shania Twain and Hilary Duff, well, even Britney is outselling all of them world wide so you can hush. Here’s a task for you Christina fans, why don’t you try arguing about how much 2004 was a better year for Christina, oops, sorry, you can’t, because it wasn’t. She experienced 2 of her biggest flop singles in her entire career, ON A WORLD WIDE SCALE! Her DVD for Stripped actually became her lowest selling DVD ever, whilst ironically, Britney’s Greatest Hits DVD became her best selling DVD ever. Britney’s DVD entered the top 5 in the UK at #4, second week it was at #5, then third week it was at #3 and stayed in the top 5 for weeks. But now look at Christina Aguilera’s’ chart run:

Week4:Off the top 10

Even in Australia Christina is flopping. Her Stripped DVD has yet to receive a certification, whilst derisorily Britney spears already is certified 2x platinum. It has been 8 weeks since these 2 DVD’s has been released and Britney Spears is still in the top 5 at #4 whilst Christina is barley hanging onto the top 20. Fact, the Stripped DVD has never made it to the top 5 in Australia. Fact, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD has never fallen out of the top 10, its lowest position ever was at #6. Britney’s DVD has received certifications from all over the world, from Latin America, where it was the biggest selling DVD of 2004, to Israel.
Face it, Britney is still going strong, and you Christina Aguilera fans are scared.
In 2004, Britney Spears practically beat Christina Aguilera in everything:


Britney had 2 world wide #1’s and became 2 of the biggest hits of that year. My Prerogative peaked at #3 in the global charts.

Christina on the other hand had 2 world wide flop singles. As I already explained, Tilt your head back was a catastrophe, as was the AWFUL cover of Carwash which has to feature one of the worst rap lyrics ever that does not even make sense. I mean, Missy Elliott is rapping about her Sharks tale? Wow, looks like Christina was really desperate for Lady Marmalade since she saw how huge Britney’s career was getting in 2004

Britney received many certifications all over the world for her DVD, Christina? NILL

Britney Spears’ calendar is the #3 biggest selling 2005 calendar; Christina (eating Britney’s dust as usual) was way behind at #4, with critics remarking that Britney has outshone her rival Christina Aguilera.

Curious was the top selling fragrance in the USA, Canada and Australia, these are the only places it was released in. Christina Aguilera thought that she was safe releasing Xposed (which probably smells like some old woman’s armpits) in Europe, but watch out, Britney is releasing her smash hit fragrance in Europe later this year.

Wow, no wonder you Christina Aguilera fans have to resort to using Shania Twain to fight your battles.

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