Britney Spears Still ‘Quite’ Hot

Contributed by Potpot:

In a recent survey that was published in the May issue of Popstation Magazine asking its readers which artists from the bubble-gum pop era (1999-2000) they think were still hot property after rocking the music world 4 years ago. Only 4 names were obvious stand-outs: , Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys. The dubbed pop princess easily garnered more or less 40% of the votes, followed by Christina Aguilera with 28% of the total votes cast. *NSYNC stretched to third with 22%, and the Backstreet Boys having 8% of the votes. The remaining 2% of the votes were shared by LFO, Blink 182 and many others. Nonetheless, when bouted against modern day favorites, Britney crashed to a modest No.4, just below fellow teen Avril Lavigne (No.1), rapper Eminem (No.2), and hot-mama Nelly (No.3).

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