Britney Spears Takes Jamie Lynn To Transvestite Club

The Sun is blasting for taking her 12-year-old sister Jamie Lynn to a club for transvestites in New York City. Britney took her family to Lucky Cheng’s – an outrageous club staffed by male cross-dressers. The “waitresses” even climb on tables and strip if customers stump up enough cash. Read more and check out photos from the evening here.

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8 thoughts on “Britney Spears Takes Jamie Lynn To Transvestite Club

  1. Jm83 says: thing: that picture looks completely fake!!!….so fake that is sad….lol

  2. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    ^^ no, I think it loom pretty real. But it only looks like one of the ‘girls’ is really a guy. Maybe they were just over exaggerating how bad the club is? But I like Jamie Lynn. She always has clothes from places like Hollister and Abercrombie even though you know she could buy Prada and Frankie B. She seems like just a normal kid

  3. GymnastDude182 says:

    They look like they were having a fun time, that’s all that matters

  4. slave4u19 says:

    Ya know what I think is just hilarious. When stupid ass bitches have nothing better to do than make fun of people that they don’t know. I may be a Britney fan but I’m not making fun of Pink or Christina, no need to because I’m not that gay. just because you don’t like someone’s voice doesn’t mean you have to act like such a smart ass and be like trying to start a fight OVER THE INTERNET! HAHAHAHA TO YOU! she just complemented Christina’s voice that’s all, she’s not jealous and for someone dissing Britney why the hell where you watching the primetime thing to begin with? huh? oh I know why to hate on her when she makes comments, yeah right. obviously you have some issues bitch! get over yourself! you aren’t making millions so obviously she is doing something right. oh and I hate to hate on Christina but I could of sworn that since she has a better voice she would of sold more albums..oh wait she hasn’t. her top album sold as much as Britney’s lowest! have a nice day!

  5. breez says:

    What if they were smoking pot and having fun? You’re missing the point.

    “oh and I hate to hate on Christina but I could of sworn that since she has a better voice she would of sold more albums..oh wait she hasn’t. her top album sold as much as Britney’s lowest!” Why would you think that when idiots like you prefer orgasmic moans over superficial subjects instead of Xtina’s talented voice singing songs with depth and artistry?

  6. Christinacopp says:

    Did ANYONE notice who ELSE is in the group photo? Like Britney and Jamie-Lynn’s brother and MOTHER???? Hello!!! Blame the mother for taking a minor to a risque club…not’s RETARDED… I really respect Britney more after the Diane Sawyer interview, when you really add up what she’s gone thru in the last while, and having every minute of it in the press, she has stayed together VERY VERY well….I’m proud of her, and I think she must be stronger than her critics think.

  7. hellahooked says:

    whoa Jamie is starting to look like Britney.. Brit and Jamie are so cute! It’s nice to know that Britney took her family to see jimmypee and his trans… he’s the thing next to the Asian who is next to Britney.

  8. SaNKa says:

    Um and why is this even an issue? Who cares if Britney and her family went to a tranny/gay restaurant? Whats the big deal? I’m sure they had a good time, its not like Jamie Lynn would never have met someone gay before, she’s a celebrity for gods sake. Geez some people just need to grow up and get a life

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