Britney Spears Talks About Christina Aguilera On T4

Britney Spears was interviewed on T4, and the interviewer was showing her different things and Britney was supposed to say what it reminded her of. Then they showed her a CD, to which Britney replied with:

Britney: Oh, that’s cool…wow.

Interviewer: You know, of course before people thought that there was this feud between you. But after performing on MTV, with Madonna…

Britney: You know its so funny that people even say that. I think it’s just the media, they want something to…

Interviewer: Two young girls…

Britney: Yeah, you know what I mean. But Christina’s a great girl. She has an amazing voice, and her last album was brilliant.

Interviewer: It was awesome, as it goes.

Britney: Brilliant. So so good.

Interviewer: Any chance of a duet?

Britney: Duet? Who knows? In the future I would love to do that, that would be cool, very cool.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Talks About Christina Aguilera On T4

  1. ballersfantasy says:

    Thanks for the post. Brit said such great things of Xtina. She’s confident enough to give Christina the props she deserves. Yet I bet I will still hear the haters calling her out. Go ahead.

    I was also gonna say, that would be great for both of them to do some sort of a collaboration. Yes, Christina would blow Brit outta the water vocally, but I still think it would be great. Maybe then it would end this so called rivalry between them. You know what though? Maybe not even then. The girls performed together on stage and the drama still continued.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    We all know they like each other but people are still gonna be stupid and say Britney is better or Christina is, does it really matter? They have both shown what they can do as artist and they are both great in there own ways.

  3. B0rntoplay says:

    Very cool of Britney. Just proves that there is no feud…even Christina has said it before. Just goes to show how dumb these haters are.

  4. tinkerbell86 says:

    That’s nice of Britney to say good things about Christina, as Chris has said about Britney in the past. But Britney and Christina are way too different to possibly make a duet and make it sound half way decent.

  5. missxtina24 says:

    Well that’s nice of Britney to say those nice things about my girl Christina I don’t like Britney at all but I think a duet with the two of them would be very interesting if Mariah and Whitney can do it why not them.

  6. babet says:

    “Britney: Duet? Who knows? In the future I would love to do that, that would be cool, very cool.” that’s the typical celebrity excuse for “nah its not gonna happen.” Christina and Britney’s voices are not compatible. Christina can out sing Britney and not even try.

  7. EveryoneSucks says:

    They ain’t gonna do a duet. Chrissy’s voice is more amazing than Brit’s. it wouldn’t sound right. And they don’t hate each other. it’s a widely known fact.

  8. Madfan says:

    No feud. No rivalry. No comparison. Christina is better.

  9. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I can’t even imagine Britney trying to hit a note, but I can picture them together performing a duet, Christina is doing her best as usual dancing like a professional dancer hitting the highest note at the same time while Britney dancing like a person with epilepsy with teary eyes and doing those creepy sounds like “uh, oh baby, yeah, are you ready, I want cotton candy babeeeh”. LOL Britney: Duet? Who knows? In the future I would love to do that, that would be cool, very cool.” She meant “OMG! Like, if only I could sing or like, Christina should end up MUTE” Get real Britney we all know that you’re the fakest and your jealousy towards Christina is intense it’s killing you.

  10. jazzprofounder says:

    For it to be a duet there can’t be a “she does this” and “she does that” relationship. It’s not a duet if one is just dancing and one is just singing. They BOTH have to sing TOGETHER. I am not sure if their voices are compatible, because I mean when you look at Barbra and Celine, Whitney and Mariah, and Brandy and Monica, together their voices were compatible, which was why it worked. I am not saying that a Brit and Christina won’t work, it’s just that Christina can easily over sing her vocal wise, and that just can’t work in a duet, both singers have to be balanced vocally to make the relationship between them and the music convincing enough to work.

  11. monsterboy says:

    Britney Christina love each other!

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