Britney Spears Talks About Tour And About Her Bling-Bling

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Entertainment Tonight’s Steven Cojocaru caught up with Britney to chat about her tour and about that rock she has been proudly wearing on her engagement finger. When asked where her ring was, she replied: “It’s in my dressing room.” But Cojo pushed on, and asked the big question: “Does it mean anything?” Britney replied: “Maybe a little bit. It’s just a joke, just the whole … next question!” Britney even admitted that the diamond was actually not even real bling: “It’s fake. It’s not real!” Britney then dished out information about her Onyx Hotel Tour, which kicks off March 2nd in San Diego. She explained: “I will say there’s a bunch of characters throughout the tour. It’s cool! It’s the first tour where I am doing 17 songs. It’s a really long show, but I’m working my stamina up right now in rehearsals.” She revealed that a secret guest star will join her on the Showtime special on March 28th. “There’s a very special guest. It’s a male; he’s an amazing artist. I worship him!” Britney also assured that there will be no Super Bowl halftime-like antics: “No, it’s going to be better!”

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