Britney Spears Talks At Press Conference

Contributed by britney4ever: reports that gave an early morning press conference earlier today about her new album, new single and any movie scripts. She says “My new single is really weird, I don’t think people will be expecting what they are going to hear!, I’d say its pop, but I don’t know, its just totally different, I like different!” When asked about the song, Spears revealed, “Its called ‘I Have The Touch’, Like I said before its very different, but its fresh and funky.” And when asked if her album would reflect on her break up with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, she simply said, “That was the past, this is the present, I want to move on, so no it has no connection to my break up.”

Admin note: Since the released track was fake, this reported news is likely fake also.

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