Britney Spears Talks To ET After Performance

Entertainment Tonight already had a video clip, since removed, of talking about her performance at the NFL Kick Off show on Thursday night, where the singer admitted to being very nervous about performing her own material at a show for the first time in over a year.

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears Talks To ET After Performance

  1. jimmypee says:

    Cool.. Liked the performance.. Wonder if Britney’s hurt foot is doing?

  2. Hell6 says:

    Hey… I enjoy so much this performance of Britney Spears, I love the new song, which is named “Me Against The Music”… It’s a great title for a song, I mean, everything is amazing. I am totally feeling the new groove of Spears. The performance was great, she looked like having a blast, dancing as good as always, also sounding good, cause the new single was part live/lip-sync. I love It! Britney also performed a medley of “Slave & Baby”. The crowd was crazy with Britney. Now is only matter of time for the release of Britney’s 4TH ALBUM, which is going to blow off all the “try-wannabes Britney”.

  3. Gimmeabreak says:

    her a$$ must have been petrified, tired, and a whole lotta other crap last night…she was NOT good…c’mon Britney.

  4. Tig says:

    Listen, we were there. She was not singing live. Yes, her mic was on…for her ad-libs. But the track was playing with full vocals. Her dancing was lazy and boring. Her performance lacked that Britney Spark that made her last 3 VMA performances shine. What happen…maybe it was nerves? maybe she has lost steam? maybe she’s so rich from little obsessed fans that she doesn’t need to work hard on stage anymore. And to think after the MADONNA performance, I was excited about this performance…a bummer.

  5. weebongo says:

    I missed the performance but some DJ’s were talking about it this morning. They were mocking her for lip-synching, dancing like crap and how pathetic and desperate she has become. They also said her new song sucks and was unlistenable. I doubt it was that bad as they made it seem. All her first singles from each album have been good, Oops being the worst. Most people are on a Britney bashing kick right now. She has replaced J.Lo for the moment. That’s what Brit gets for getting involved with Madonna. Madonna uses people f^cks up their careers and always manages to keep hers going.

  6. jujusdevilchild says:

    I thought the song & the performance was gonna be heavy, but no the song was a load of crap. And she was hardly dancing so there was no need to lip-synch at all. Slave is a good song, but that performance of it was awful. Everyone else who performed sang live, she just shamed herself up.

  7. Izzy says:

    I love Britney but I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I can’t believe none of you guys noticed that her mouth was moving but not to anything specific during a two of her songs. She’s obviously still lip synching and every now and then when she did sing she sounded like a wounded animal. She’s still one a hell of a dancer. She needs to do some vocal training. STOP THE LIP SYNCHING.

  8. EvanescenceSucks says:

    I’m really disappointed. What was she thinking? She could have come out with something way better than that… I guess if she wasn’t under such pressure to write her own songs she could have hired some really great songwriters.

  9. britisdabestever says:

    Hey…i watched the performance last night and yeah she was lip-synching…but I loved the new song…but I didn’t really like her performance…but I also just finished reading what was posted on…and it was a shout out for people who didn’t like the performance…and I thought that it made sense on why her performance didn’t do so well as it usually does…so for the people who didn’t like the performance umm I suggest that you should go to and read the post…it’s up to you if you want to…but to me the song was good!

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