Britney Spears Talks To News Of The World About Justin Timberlake

News of the World spoke with for her comments on reports she’s broken up with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake. Britney explained, “We haven’t split up. I love Justin and we are still together.” Britney admitted to having an argument with Justin, “We had a huge row which ended in us both slamming the phone down but things are OK now. We are trying to find time to see each other but our schedules are just too busy.” As for all the hoopla, a record executive said, “There’s been Britney hysteria since the Justin story blew up. But it doesn’t do any harm to record sales. In fact it helps sell more singles.” Read more.

Note: You really have to wonder when News of the World quotes Britney using the word ‘row’…

Britney Spears Ducks Breakup Question

March 17, 2002 – According to a forum posting at, Britney was interviewed by from KIIS FM this weekend where she talked briefly about her clothing line and her sister. JoJo then said, “Now I know I’m not supposed to ask you this, but what’s up with you and Justin?” Britney’s quick response, “Oh my God…. my rides here, I gotta go!” and then she just hangs up the phone.

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One thought on “Britney Spears Talks To News Of The World About Justin Timberlake

  1. EndIsNear says:

    They’re fools!
    Their little tricks are obsolete, Timberlake and all his servants are pathetic, this is not helping album’s sales!
    What frigging album?
    Not Celebrity, because it’s going under and it’s all Timberlake’s fault.
    And not Britney’s sales.
    Good music helps albums sales, that’s a fact.
    I can’t believe Timberlake is so stupid to think he will be successful with fake rumors, he has to make good music, but it’s clear he can’t.

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