Britney Spears: The Anna Kournikova Of Music?

Phil Kloer of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reviewed Britney Spears’ concert at Philips Arena and spoke with some fans in attendance. Kelley Heinsman, 20, an economics major at Emory University, summed up the show stating: “She can’t sing for sh**, but her dancing is awesome.” And Kloer concluded, “What was lacking was any sense of personality; any connection between Spears and the audience was supplied by the audience. Spears has always trafficked in the flawlessness of her physical image – she is to music what Anna Kournikova is to tennis – and the symbiosis between her, the media and her fans is like the whole youth culture, distilled to its essence. She’s our national Barbie doll – a best-seller, an icon, and utterly plastic.”

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